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June 21, 2005
Posted at 8:53 am
Updated: June 21, 2005 - 9:27 am

Some guy who uses as an anonymous mailer complained that my description of cell behavior in the "Passion Of Art" series is childish and sounds like a "deranged fetishist". I couldn't answer him because he doesn't have the guts or character to leave a valid email address. He's a gutless whiner who has his own fetish for sniping at writers, which is why he can recognize deranged fetishists so easily. So here is my answer for him (her/it) and for anybody else who thought the same thing.

My description of eggs and sperm are an attempt at humor. Apparently it didn't work for you.

This part is just for random: I AM a fetishist, as are most people who read at this site. I AM deranged. What smut writer isn't? If you don't like what I write, don't read it. You have thousands of other choices.

And get some hair, wimp.