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Up coming stories

May 26, 2010
Posted at 11:06 am

I've got several upcoming stories that I'd thought I'd share.

What a Tangle Web We Weave
Caught cheating on his wife, Tim buys a mysterious cream that the clerk promises will make his wife okay with his affair.

Bunnies Don't Make Bimbos
It was an ordinary day at the vet's office for Terry, that is until that bimbo showed up with that bunny.

Sakamoto Realties - Part 1: Natsuki
The reclusive Natsuki has to find a new apartment. Kenji Sakamoto guarantees her he'll find her the perfect place, but it's not what she had in mind.

Sakamoto Realties - Part 2: Akiko
The prequel to Natsuki. Akiko is a failing real estate agent. All seems lost until an unlikely savior shows up on her door step.

Sakamoto Realties - Part 3: Fuyumi
Upset at her underlings inability to collect the massive debt owed to her by Sakamoto Realties, yakuza boss Fuyumi take matters into her own hands. Fortunately, Kenji is ready to work out a deal.

Sakamoto Realties - Part 4: Haruka
The last of the Sakamoto series. In bound college student Haruka gets some help from her Aunt Natsuki.

Also, I'm starting a new series that's yet to be titled. Part one is finished, but due to a lack of a title, I'll just describe it. Tracey is minding her business at a coffee shop when a man tells her she can't leave the sight of her daughter or there will be serious consequences.

Part two of the unnamed series focuses on a man. He must avoid cheating on his wife or she'll slowly turn into one of the sluts he cheats on her with.

There's one more story that I'm working on, but it's a co-authorship, so most likely, it won't be posted here. When it's finished, I'll put a link up on my blog for it.