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May 23, 2010
Posted at 1:13 pm

I got a nice e-mail today that (among other things) asked, "I see (the Swarm Authors Group) being given cudo's at the end of posting by all Swarm authors these days."

We review each others' work before submitting for posting, and often catch non-canon errors as well as simple common grammatical and spelling mistakes. You don't see 'desert' for 'dessert' and 'diner' for 'dinner' all that often in any of our stories!! When you see thanks to that group, it IS to that group. I couldn't thank just one - I've had four or five send me my story back all marked up, and some others asking clarification questions (which usually means I need to rewrite that point to make it clear to everyone else too - I've tried to make the concept of the Double-Double clear by restating what it is he has in his hand - a coffee with two helpings of creme and two of sugar, as well as being a thumping great hint that Whitefeather is as Canadian as lacrosse). My spell checker is pretty good and my grammar is high-level, but I do miss things occasionally, and they're pretty good at catching them.

As good as my writing skills might be perceived to be, my fellow Swarm writers improve the quality of my scribblings greatly, and for that you and I both owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

Plus, more than one story idea has come to us as a result of our mailing list discussions. After Lift came about as a result of a debate about what the likely reaction would be if they tried an extraction during a military funeral - likely negative, for disturbing such a solemn occasion. We'll see if that's the case here by the end of this week.