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My old anonymous friend

May 7, 2010
Posted at 10:53 pm

I've written blog entries about people who send me anonymous mail before. But, as the occasional sunset deserves special attention, so does the occasional anonymous critic.

Let me say first that I get ten or fifteen anonymous messages on each story I post. That's fine. I get it that people would like to remain in the shadows when commenting on smut. At least most of them actually give me some information to work with. Personally, I think quite a few just forget to put their return address in, because they sign their name.

So I'm not yelling at that group of folks.

Who I'm yelling at is the anonymous critic who sent me mail on 7 May, pertaining to chapter eleven of "The Grocery List." This was his (or possibly her) comment:


That's it. Just that one word. It wasn't in italics or bold. I did that to set it apart within this blog entry. I can't remember if it was capitalized or not, and I can't go look because I deleted it.

Why did I delete it?

Not because it was negative.
Not because it was anonymous.
Not because it hurt my feelings.
Not because I'm some kind of prima donna

I deleted it because it didn't mean anything. It didn't tell me what was wrong. It didn't tell me why this person thought the story is pathetic. Beyond that, it was just lazy. Obviously the story elicited some emotion in this person. But all he could bring himself to express was that one word. It was like somebody was hiding behind a tree and threw a water balloon. It's gutless.

So here is what I have to say in response to that feedback: Get some balls, motherfucker. Even if you're female. Have the hair to speak your mind, assuming you have one. Don't be a pussy and sneak around throwing snowballs. You want to express yourself, use a .44 magnum and tell me what you really think. Maybe then I can determine if you have a point, or maybe don't get my writing style, or whatever it is that disappointed you.

Get some balls, puke, because I don't listen to spineless pussies. I don't need to know who you are. I don't care who you are.

All I care about is what you actually think.

And "pathetic" only tells me you know how to spell one English word.