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Near the end of my first story

April 28, 2010
Posted at 2:05 am

I'd read erotic fiction for many years, but I'd never tried it until about three years ago. The result was chapter one of the No Strings Challenge. At the time, I'd written it to possibly open out to a sequel or sequels but hadn't thought very hard about any other adventures.I had only imagined two characters, Charley and Tabby.

Ever since, the characters have kind of emerged with each new chapter and I had no idea where the story would go or how it would end other than the fact that Charley would eventually encounter 12 women. Three years later, my first attempt at erotic fiction is finally coming to an end and I find myself with something like a novel.

I've had some very kind readers here, even though I think the story has been a blip on the radar in terms of SOL popularity. I guess I've enjoyed the experience enough to be thinking about a second cycle. My worry though is that my sexual tastes get a bit monotonous. There are only so many ways people can have sex and my stuff is fairly narrow. Yes, I know it's the situation that makes it work, but the mechanics still matter.

Anyway, I'm happy to chat about series 2. I've thought some about giving Dr. Tarah her own adventures, maybe Audrey, the Bella Luna Society chronicles/history, or coming up with completely different characters. My warning is that the basic sexual repertoire isn't going to change a great deal. Would anyone out there read such a thing?