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Thanks for your confidence!

April 25, 2010
Posted at 9:58 am

I just read one e-mail that came to me and said he was "hooked" after reading "Erin's First Time". I appreciate your confidence in my writing. I thought I rushed the writing and didn't do a good job with it. But I'm thankful there are others of you that do enjoy my writing,

I do have another "Edenton" story running around in my head. Again, this would be a bridge to an almost finished "school" story. I think you will love it when I get it done, and I can only imagine all the NCK and RZK spinoffs from the upcoming story.

BTW, I'll note here that "Edenton" is the main series of my work. You may have seen "Amy - A Walk In The Woods" which is actually going to part of another series once a second entry is posted. Well, here's the remainder.

"Naked City" (noted in code or title as NC) - 10 "photographs of the mind" along with a short narrative. Each "photo" has a brief statement from the "contributor" (either the subject or the photographer) and a "commenter" (the person from the "fictional" website). The NC designation applies to adults 18+

"Naked City Kids" (noted in code or title as NCK) - same as NC, but with under 18.

"RedZone" (noted in code or title as RZ) - This is the hardcore side of the website.

"RedZone Kids" (noted in code or title as RZK) - Again, hardcore but with kids. And if you haven't checked the little footer on my page, go ahead and read it.

Anyway, that's what's coming up. More coming soon.