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Thoughts on 'Through Different Eyes"

April 17, 2010
Posted at 12:08 am

"Through Different Eyes" is different than my other stories. I prefer dialog to soliloquy, but there is no dialog in this one. It is shorter than any other story I've put up - my normal 'flash story' is about four times longer (he said with a grin). Hey, I can't help it; I'm not as good as Papa Toad and some others at being pithy. I am a bit long-winded.

This story, though, reflects a true life experience for me, going back many years.

A girlfriend and I broke up, and it was a messy and nasty one. Afterwards, looking at her through an angry prism, I wondered to myself. "What were you thinking?" I couldn't understand what I'd found attractive about her looks, I was wondering if she was nearly as smart as I'd thought, and so on. I really questioned my judgment, because I realized that when one is in love (or perhaps 'lust') and infatuated with a significant other, you don't see them accurately. Through rose-colored glasses, one might say.

If you are suddenly disillusioned with them, you may see them just as inaccurately but in a negative direction.

I think that if she and I had married, I would have divorced her because of her voice, which DID irritate the hell out of me at times.

In an interesting turn of events, though, twenty-five some years later I ran into this EX again, and my wife and I had dinner with her. In fact, she was still an attractive, humorous, intelligent, well-read woman. So I must not have been crazy to have dated her all those years ago.

Her voice, alas, was still the same. ;->