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A little present for you

April 9, 2010
Posted at 8:54 am
Updated: August 25, 2012 - 11:10 pm

I've been writing here at SOL since 2005 and I love this place. I love Laz and I love all of you for being so supportive of my efforts. That's why I always post everything I write at SOL first.

I used to post at other sites too, but the time and frustration it took to do all the uploads and then keep track of things made trying to expand my readership lose its luster. You people are quite good at spotting the errors I make. Correcting them at one site isn't too bad. Correcting them at seven or eight sites is a major undertaking.

Still, I wanted people outside the SOL community to be able to see my stuff, so I got a website at ASSTR and have posted all my work there too. That's how I met Peaches, who patiently explained that my web site looked incredibly bad, beyond awful, and hurt her eyes. I believe she used the phrase "like a French whorehouse." She may have used the word bordello there. I can't remember. But she has way more class than I do, so probably.

Anyway, she builds web sites for a living and graciously offered to design me a decent web site. Lest you think she was trolling for work, she offered to do it free, because she liked my stories. Lest you think I'm a parasite, I worked out something with her on the barter system.

I got the best of the deal in the exchange. Believe me.

So, she did design a beautiful site and I've been using it for a couple of years. Some of you know about it and some don't. There's no difference between it and SOL in terms of what's posted there. Of course you don't have to log in at my site, and it doesn't count against your SOL downloads when you read there. That's the present for you that this entry is named for. You have unlimited downloads at my web site.

Anyway, Peaches contacted me the other day and said that the site needed updating. I said I thought it was beautiful, and she said that I wasn't listening, and suggested a new background, and a new font for parts of the display pages. We wrangled for a bit (because I don't want anyone to think I'm a pushover) and then I insisted that it be my way (which means I bowed to her wishes, because she's a lot smarter than I am about this stuff.)

And so there is a new look at

And she's proud of it, and I'm proud of it, and so I wanted you to know. Drop by some time and take a look. You can access any story from any page, thanks to her wizardry in creating an expandable menu on the left side of each page. You can even send me feedback at the end of each story.

It's really kind of cool. Personally I think it's just plain magic, and that she'd have been burned at the stake in Salem if she did this a few hundred years ago. But then they wouldn't have liked her tattoos either.

I'm glad it's today, and we can enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Thanks for reading.