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A different new story

March 30, 2010
Posted at 1:44 pm

In my last blog entry I mentioned that I had two different streams of thought for the same idea. Basically, that idea was the old doctor/patient plot where the doctor has sex with the patient.

Generally speaking, it's a male doctor, and a usually, though not always, a young nubile female patient who the doctor basically breaks in sexually. Quite often there is some measure of intimidation or force involved. I'm sure you've read those stories.

But, as you know, my most favorite thing is to take a tired old plot line like that and try to spin it up in some way that freshens it up a bit. I have fun trying to think of different ways to tell that kind of story, whatever story it is.

So I wrote the first one after the Viagra commercial I saw. A lot of you read it and said nice things. That one had a twist at the end that tipped everything upside down that had come before it.

But at the same time, I thought of the original situation - innocent, bumbling young man, thrust together with a slightly older but almost equally innocent female doctor, and how that might shake out. Normally it wouldn't. Smart young professionals just don't go for bumbling bumpkins.

Then I thought of all those May/December romances that people don't think would work either. But sometimes they do. So I thought ... why not?

Would it be easy? Of course not. Would it be smooth? No way. Would there be trouble and angst and guilt involved? You betcha.

In fact, I really couldn't think of any way to MAKE it work out - not and have the reader saying "OK, It could happen." It was very interesting getting to the end. It will be even more interesting seeing what you think about that end.

That's why this second look at the same idea ended up being kinda long. It looks like it's going to be ten chapters, whereas the other one was only three.

I let it go like that for two reasons. I wanted to try to bring them along in as realistic manner as possible. Or at least what I think could be realistic. The other reason is that a bunch of you keep writing to say "You stopped too soon!" and "I wanted to know more about so and so."

I tell you all this, also for two reasons.

First, I know there are a bunch of you who prefer to wait and read when the whole thing is posted. That's when I'll turn voting on too. So this is to tell you guys that you have a couple of weeks to wait.

The other reason is so that, if it seems like there's a whole lot of detail about life between the sex scenes, it's because you guys wanted more on what the characters were feeling and thinking.

Need I say "Be careful what you ask for?"

Thanks for reading.