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Sharing a laugh

December 3, 2009
Posted at 9:21 am

Authors are, by natural instinct, interested in language. Words are the tinker toys we play with and build things out of for you to play with. And words are what we get paid with, at least in the free online posting world.

So when I open an instruction manual from ... oh ... say a company located in the Orient ... and the translator didn't quite get things right ... it can be a humorous kind of experience. Unless, of course, the part that's all bollixed up is the part that deals with your question. Anyway, I usually laugh, because those "swing-and-a-miss" translations are usually funny.

Now I do not want anyone to think I'm complaining here, because I'm not. Anything but, in fact. I admire these people for trying hard to use a second language, and I'll admit that I haven't tried to write anything in Japanese in literally years and years ... maybe even ever.

But some of the feedback I get is from people who live and read my stories in other countries.

Far, far away countries.

Where English is a second language.

In fact, where English isn't much of a language at all.

And sometimes those nice people write to me too. I got one of those today that I just have to share, because I enjoyed it so much that you need to get to enjoy it too.

The feedback related to my story Bathtime With Niece but you don't need to go read that first. Here it is:

comments = Good bath. Yes, you may lead the story towards ritual kinda as she is hungry of Cleaning inside with cum so called (f***).

See what I mean? I'm still chortling.

I replied thanking him for whatever it was he meant, which I still don't quite get. If any of you speak this language, please let me know what he actually said.

Anyway that made me think of a website you just have to see, at least if you found that feedback amusing. It's called and I guarantee you that you'll be rolling on the floor, just on the first picture on the main page. IU get a lot of mail from opeople who saty they appreciate the humor in my stories and I am positive those people will bookmark this site.

And there's lots more deeper inside. It's where I go when I need a cleansing laugh.

Simple pleasures for simple minds. (grin)

Thanks for reading, and laughing.