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Voting issues

September 22, 2009
Posted at 12:09 pm

Some of you may have noticed that on my last posting voting was disabled for a while. Here's why.

I have found that, for whatever reason, the first ten or twenty votes on almost any story I post are very low. You can come to your own conclusions about why that is. I have some theories, but that's not really important, because that's not why I suspended voting, initially.

The reason I suspended voting during the first half of the last story is because I felt like people needed to have read at least that much before they would know what was going on. I often take three or four chapters just to set the plot up fully, and rationally, how can somebody know whether a story appeals to them until they have SOME idea of what's going on?

To my mind, voting before you know what's going on is neither logical nor fair.

So that's why. I'm probably going to keep doing that too. Once I've posted enough of the story that the plot is fairly well illuminated, I'll turn voting on.

Now, let me say just a few words to those people who love tanking the vote on my stories, for whatever reason you love tanking the vote on my stories.

Just be patient and check back frequently. You'll still have your chance. It will just cost you some time ... that's all.

And just so you know, you actually make me feel good when you give one of my stories a two or three. I know they're better than that, and I can only think of two reasons why you might do that.

One is that you have a moral issue with what I write, which means you're an idiot, because my morals are between me and God who, I'm told, gets testy when some mere mortal tries to usurp his (or her) judgemental role. I'm going to do you a favor and tell you to go read your Bible again, because it says very clearly in at least four places to leave the judging to God, lest you end up spending eternity with the likes of me. Now wouldn't THAT be interesting ... for both of us!

The other is that I threaten you in some other way. I was a cop for 21 years. I LOVED being perceived as a threat. I LOVED making people nervous, and I miss that now that I'm retired.

Besides. Scores stopped being intensely interesting for me back in 2006, when I had received enough mail to convince me that I had a modicum of talent.

I recently had a great deal of fun watching the 2009 season of "America's Got Talent." Only one person won the contest. But there were a whole bunch of people who left no doubt they had great talent.

I don't have to win the whole contest to feel like I did a pretty good job.

OK, so if that's how I feel, why do I fuck around with the voting at all?

I was a cop for 21 years.

I like for things to be as fair as possible.

Thanks for reading.