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February 24, 2009
Posted at 9:09 pm

SOl Shootout

For information on how you can participate in a Shootout event, please visit the SOL Discussion Group. (linked on the SOL main page)


The First SOL Shootout is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of March 07, 2009 and Black Knight is the Moderator. Additional information will be posted in this blog as it becomes available.


(this is a draft and subject to change)

What is an SOL Shootout?

The SOL Shootout is an online writing event designed to showcase the talents of three or more authors in an atmosphere of mutual respect and friendly competition. Participation is open to any member of the SOL Discussion Group (required to post in that forum) and while not mandatory, it is reasonably expected that all story submissions will be posted by individual authors to the Stories Online website. All Shootout submissions remain the exclusive copyrighted property of the author.

A Shootout is a timed event and occurs within a specific twenty-four hour period simultaneous for all entrants. During that time authors will write, edit, and proof a new story and submit it to the event Moderator. Stories should contain an element of "erotica" and each Shootout will be arranged around a specific theme or genre, such as Westerns, Fantasy, or Science Fiction. The theme will be unknown until the start of the Shootout at which time it will be announced by the Moderator.

There are no restrictions on content except as required by a specific event which will be promulgated prior to accepting entrants. A maximum word count may be established to facilitate the judging of the event based on the number of authors participating. Any and all restrictions will be open to discussion in the Group forum by all interested parties and a clear understanding of the rules by all participants is obviously necessary and desirable. A standard of conduct is expected and required; stories and/or commentary which deliberately injure or defame any individual or group, or is intended to provoke hostility is unwelcome and unacceptable.

Each Shootout is arranged by a Moderator who volunteers his/her time and energy to organize and execute the event. The Moderator gets the thankless job of answering questions, finding compromises that everyone can abide by, and arranging judges for the event. The Moderator determines the most appropriate dates and times for the Shootout and provides mediation between authors and (anonymous) Judges. The Moderator officially begins and closes the contest writing period. Entries are submitted via email to the Moderator who will then forward them to the Judges for due consideration. Results of judging are returned to the Moderator who will then post the stories, introduce the Judges and the announce their decisions to end the Shootout.

Judges are essential, impartial, and three in number. They remain anonymous and known only to the Moderator until they have been able to make a determination of Second Runner-Up, First Runner-Up, and the Shootout Champion. Judging is normally performed independently and may consist of multiple rounds to establish a clear outcome of the contest. Occasion for congress may arise during the course of their efforts and in such instance the Moderator must work closely with the Judges to achieve a timely and proper consensus of opinion. Judges will obviously vary in their process and subjective criteria and their task is not always enviable as they determine the winners. Judges' decisions, once accepted and announced by the Moderator, are final in all instances.

The winners of the Sol Shootout contests are largely awarded prizes consisting of recognition and admiration by their peers. The Shootout is an activity based on the timeless principle that "Fun is pretty fun!" and as most authors will readily admit after looking at two or three beer commercials, we like to brag. Gaining well-deserved respect from readers and other authors is no small thing in our online community. Shootout champions may be expected to make speeches, open shopping malls, and provide genetic material to fertility clinics.