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April 4, 2005
Posted at 7:01 pm

New feature

Creating an epic story is very dificult, and so I have decided to have you, my readers, help me. If you would like to be a character in my story, contact me at The information that I will need from you is your name (sans last name), vital stats (height, weight, eye color, etc...), and a little about either the part type you would like to play or your own psychology. I have a greater number of female parts to create than I do male parts, but both genders are encouraged to let me know if you would like to be in the story. Each person who becomes a character in my story will have character approval, their names added to my preface, and their name mentioned at the beginning of the chapter. Character approval means that if you dislike something about your character I will work with you to fix it. I ask you to allow me a few days to return your e-mail with either approval or not. For those who are approved, that does not mean that you will be in the next chapter or even in the part that I am currently working on, but you will be put into the story.

Thanks for reading and enjoy,