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Even more criticism

January 13, 2009
Posted at 12:43 am
Updated: January 13, 2009 - 12:46 am

OK. If you haven't read the blog entry just before this one, you must do so first.

That's because I got a response to that blog entry that says, basically, I'm on the wrong track and have abandoned my fans. The person who sent it says he speaks for lots of you, and urged me to post his comment. So here it is.

Message from: b_draft (email address omitted for this blog entry) :

Reply Re: More criticism and a new story
Posted : 2009-01-12 - 4:46 pm

In part, I do agree with the anonymous messager.
'Mistrusting a Memory, 'Roller Skate Roundup',
'For Want of a Memory', 'Read Dirty To Me' were
all letdowns. Now I will tell you why I think so,
(unlike the anon person I do take credit for what
I send, I'm not sure that I have ever sent an
author anon feedback).

You started out with stories like 'Bathtime With
Niece' and 'Love On The Range' and your "Uncle
Bob" and your "Blues" stories....all the way out
to "The Making Of A Gigolo". Those were stories
of a style that many people fell in love with, and
it's not just a genre because you do cross lines.
We have come to expect that type of greatness from
you, but you've changed. We know you are writing
some stories for Peaches, (thank you Peaches for
editing his stories so well). We know you are
writing slower so you can turnout more "quality"
stories. We know you are (or have tried, or have
succeeded) in getting published). [The last two
are known from emails you've sent me, not from
your blog that I know of.]

The letdown part comes from the feeling that you
have turned your back on the audience that made
you one of most downloaded, (if not the most
downloaded), authors on SOL. At one time you were
almost the only author I read, now I rarely read
you....just keeping up with your new stories
hoping that you'll remember your roots, (so to
speak), and feeling cheated after I read your
latest stories.

We helped you get to the popularity level you now
enjoy and you've abandoned us. There are probably
half a dozen or more authors that write like your
latest works on SOL alone, but only "Beating off
Bob" wrote like you. Early on in the "Lubrican"
era wrote like that too....but that signaled your
spiral into mediocrity.

We don't really care what pen name you choose to
go by or why. We use to love you, we just want
you back.

thank you for your time;


P.S. Some of the feedback you quote probably
wouldn't have gotten written if the sender had of
known you were going to quote it. I sincerely
hope you post this, I think you will find there
are more like me out there.

thank you;


So there you have it, sports fans. Bdraft says that all you want are short, hot fuck stories where underage girls get knocked up by older men.

Is that true?

Cause if that's what you want I can do that. I'm pretty sure that any new stories I write like that will be rehashes of the old ones, because while I have some more Uncle Bob scenarios in my projects folder, they all end up with Uncle Bob fucking his niece and getting her pregnant. I mean I've already posted more than a dozen of those, but I can post another dozen if that's what you want. And the general stories are the same thing, except it's not an uncle who fucks the underage girl and knocks her up. It's a dad, or brother or whatever.

Let me know if he's right or not, and I'll let him know what you say.