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December 18, 2008
Posted at 12:49 pm

What is Going On With Vax

My extended family is almost out of my house! Soon, very soon, I will be able to start writing again, and I had some interesting ideas to try.

In the interim, I tried posting my Modern Day Mage series to the Erotic Mind Control Stories Archive... that was a dismal failure. Simon rejected my works based on the fact that there was underage sex.

Well, yeah. BUT... they are Erotic Mind Control Stories, are they not? Apparently, the site is actually the Erotic Mind Control Story Unless the Story Has Content I Find Offensive Archive. Which is annoying, but hey it's his site. I did ask him to remove my other stories as I did not want to endorse his censorship. I think that pissed him off a bit, because the email response I got back was a bit reactionary, basically telling me I was a friggin idiot for not knowing what censorship was. I shot him back the definition and explained how the word meant exactly what I'd intended to say; I think he conceded the point as he hasn't responded back. :)

I'm a fairly easygoing guy, but if someone implies that I'm being stupid for not knowing something and it turns out that I'm right, that really cheeses me off. The moral of the story is, don't criticize someone unless you are dead sure of your facts. Then, feel free to criticize, I know I'm not perfect.

SOL isn't perfect, but I've never had a work I've produced rejected. The only way I think Lazeez would remove something from the site is if there was a copyright infringement or some type of injunction. So Kudos, for what it's worth.

I visited the old haunt at, and found the domain name expired. I know Julian's been going through some rough spots; the ecomony downturn hit him hard in his line of work... Maybe this will signal something new on the horizon. I hope so.

Eric Storm (aka Net Wolf aka Whitesomething as I remember) has a new site, and it looks pretty nice, although I think it's a bit... themed... for a creative writing site, and the participation did not seem very high. His web development skills seem to have come a long way since the original version of It's nice to have a hobby like that if you can keep it up.

That's one thing nice I can say about Simon bar Sinister: the site may not have been fancy, but it was reliable, and every week like clockwork he updated stuff. I was reading from his site since the late 90's, and it's always been up to date. It was the site that made me realize people wrote this kinda stuff, and inspired me to write my first story.

Ah well. Nothing is forever.

ANYWAY, I hope to start writing again by early January at the latest. I will likely move my Valoran Wars novel over to SOL, and I was halfway through a new erotic fantasy before life intruded; I plan to finish it and post it in its entirety. Once that is done, I will work on the final installment of the Modern Day Mage trilogy. I have a basic outline, but I haven't actually written any part of that yet.