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Truth is stranger than fiction

December 8, 2008
Posted at 10:58 pm

If you have decided to read the story I just started posting, called "The Holmes Files - Roller Skate Roundup," there is something I'd like to tell you about that.

As the foreword says, I wrote it for Peaches, my editor. "Why?" you might ask, "would your editor want a story about a woman (obviously inspired by her) whose mother won't give her a pair of roller skates?"

Well, as they say, truth is stranger than fiction. The soliloquy in chapter one, which is presented as having been written by Veronica Powers about the roller skates in question, is actually a verbatim copy of something Peaches shared with me once upon a time...which she wrote herself.

It turns out that the skates actually exist and yes, when she asked for them one time after she'd moved away from home, the answer was..."No."

So the poignancy of what Peaches wrote was what inspired me to write a story that really COULD mean something to her on an emotional level.

I didn't change a single thing about that soliloquy when I dropped it into the story outline and, when it came time to edit it for posting, I wouldn't let her change anything either. That's because it was written from the heart, and I could give a rat's behind about an error here and there in punctuation or whatever. She says she can't write...but she's wrong. She has a gift and I thought it was only fair that her gift be documented.

I just wanted you to know why my writing has improved so much. She understands writing, and the power of words. She edits with that understanding.

I owe her lots more stories.

Thanks for listening.