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Finding sex online

August 8, 2008
Posted at 8:11 pm
Updated: August 8, 2008 - 8:12 pm

I'm a sexually frustrated young male.

That said, I tried using craigslist to find a hookup. Unfortunately, I mostly just found bots or ugly women. So yeah, no getting laid for the Geekster.

I did, however, get some inspiration, so I might have a nice series of stories about a guy who--unlike me--actually succeeds in getting laid. Or blown. Or something.

It's quite a departure from my normal sick stuff.

By the by, if you're a reasonably attractive female and you'd like to have a little fun with me, I'd be up for it if you're in my area (within two hours of St. Louis). Just send me an e-mail (geekofages2 at yahoo dot com) with some pics, and maybe we can set something up.

Who am I kidding? Girls don't read this sort of thing :)