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June 24, 2008
Posted at 9:40 am

Where did I get the name Jaguar Claw?
Well funny you should ask.

Chak Toh Ich'ak can be translated a couple different ways - Jaguar Paw, Jaguar Claw, or Great Jaguar Claw. He was the ninth ruler of Tikal and was sacrificed on the day that K'ak Sih from Teotihuacan arrived at Tikal. He was replaced by Yax Ain (pronounced roughly Yash Ayn) who was possibly just a puppet ruler controlled by the government of Teotihuacan.

That's were I got the name Jaguar Claw.

Up until yesterday I had never watched Mel Gibson's movie, so I had no clue that one of the characters was named Jaguar Claw. Funny coincidence. I guess it's just a really cool sounding name.

I hope you're enjoying the story.