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What's Up?

June 2, 2008
Posted at 9:09 am

Recieved a few questions lately as to where I have been.

Everything is fine with me. I have been pretty occupied lately. I work full time and have an active life so sometimes writing takes a back seat. Yesterday my wife and I paddled about 9 miles in our kayak on Thompsons Creek which is a tributary to the Tomoka River. Saturday was a long motorcycle ride.

Today I am working My little lady can't cook so I do most of that too. It beats the alternative which is a boring life with nothing to do and nobody to do it with.

I do intend to get back to the writing. It's starting to get hot here in Florida so maybe I will get back into it.

I do have two stories in limbo and several in my mind. I am thinking about a series based on nuclear war. Not a new idea but I have some new twists and turns in mind.