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Forgetting things

April 28, 2008
Posted at 9:04 am
Updated: April 28, 2008 - 10:29 am

An interesting thing happened the other day. I found out I had forgotten to do something, and I was astonished that I had forgotten to do this particular thing.

A little background on how I work.

I usually write a story completely before I start posting it. I have this fear that my muse will take a vacation (she has, in the past) and that, right in the middle of posting a story, I won't be able to finish it. The last thing I ever want to see on one of my stories is the dreaded yellow "incomplete and inactive" tag.

Once in a while, though, a story is so long that I start posting it when it's only half done. I'm not sure that was the case with the story I'm thinking about, but it might have been.

Anyway, I post everything at SOL first, and then at my personal web site at ASSTR after that.

So a sharp eyed reader sent me some feedback (in the email account I use with my web site) with a correction to chapter 33 of Prick Van Winkle. I went to my website and fixed it. Then I sent the fix to SOL, only to find out from the friendly moderator that... there WAS no chapter 33 posted at SOL.

Yup. It went from chapter 32 to the epilogue. Somehow, I had forgotten to post chapter 33 of the story at SOL.

So, for those of you who saw the update, with chapter 33 in it ... like months and months and months (OK, more than a year, actually) after the story ended ... well ... what can I say?

I'm old. I forget things. Call it the long lost missing chapter. Maybe you can look at it like the story was sent out in bottles, with different chapters put in different bottles and thrown in the sea, next to the desert island that is my mind. The bottle with chapter 33 in it just floated ashore on the mainland.

And it only took a year and a half. That's not bad, considering ocean currents and hurricanes and all that kind of thing.

Am I embarrassed?

Maybe a little.

But the real embarrassment is that nobody seemed to notice that chapter 32, which apparently ended things, flowed into the epilogue without wrapping up a few loose ends. Of course the epilogue tied up loose ends too. When you have as many loose ends as I seem to end up with, one or two left flapping in the breeze apparently isn't all that strange.

I'm trying to make light of this. Honestly. It is not a nefarious plan to get my fans to read the whole story over again, since chapter 33 will make absolutely no sense, all by itself, for those people who read the story when it was first posted, and have now forgotten it completely.


But it's there now and, if you ever decide to read the whole story again, it will make a little more sense.

I feel like such a goofball.