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Baby Steps

April 3, 2008
Posted at 10:07 am
Updated: April 4, 2008 - 9:26 am

I got some feedback from a fellow named Ken and, in the process of answering his mail, I had an epiphany of sorts.

Many of you have written and said that you've noticed my "maturation" as an author. That's really interesting, from my view point, because I'm over fifty. I've been "mature" for a long time. I've been writing things for a long time too. I wrote professionally for one of my jobs. So I just naturally thought when I took a stab at writing erotica, that I might be "pretty OK at it" from the very beginning. I didn't think that my writing would make that much of a splash, all things considered. It was just a new hobby, and it was fun, so I kept doing it.

But in replying to Ken, it occurred to me that this whole erotica writing thing has been like a baby learning how to walk.

First the baby sits there, interested in things, but unable to reach them or explore them. So he just looks around. Then one day he wiggles his way toward something interesting. Then he pulls himself up, to stand on shaky legs. There are the first hesitant steps, with lots of falls and bumps.

The baby doesn't notice all this, of course. The parents do, and are very excited by it. When that baby takes his first series of connected steps, without falling down, there is jubilation. The baby looks around, surprised at all the uproar. All he did was move from point A to point B. What's the big deal?

Of course any of you who have been parents know the rest. Before you know it, the little toddler is tearing all over the place, getting into all sorts of trouble, sometimes going places he's not supposed to go.

But everything is so new and interesting, he can't resist. And the more he practices, the better he gets at it, all the time not realizing there has been any progression at all.

So I'd like to thank all my "parents" out there for making such a fuss about my improvement as an author. I don't really see it, but that's probably because I'm too close to the situation.

I'm having fun learning to walk. And when I toddle over and get into something you don't think I'm supposed to, just bark at me. I won't cry.

Of course I might not stop exploring either ... but then that's normal, right?

Thanks for noticing my growth.