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Is there a plot?

March 28, 2008
Posted at 1:35 pm

Is there really a plot? That might seem to be a strange question, when considering erotic writing. After all, isn't the point to tittilate? Who needs a plot to do that?

But sometimes ... there IS a plot. I'm not the only author who thinks up plots and tries to write about them. Lots of other people do it, some better, and some worse.

OK. So I had this idea, about a young man, who would become involved in situations that, according the the dictionary, would make him a "gigolo." It was a series that I called "The Making of a Gigolo."

Now there are lots of things you could do with that, plot wise. You could be very straightforward and have him get better and better at making women happy, until women would be happy to pay him for sex, and he'd be happy to take their money.

You could have him try to be a gigolo and fuck it up royally. That would be the comic approach. Or maybe the tragedy approach, depending on how you wrote it.

You could have him run afoul of the law, get sent to jail, and ... well the possibilities are endless there.

You could have him be miserable in his life as a gigolo and be saved by some angel of mercy, who lifts him out of the gutter and teaches him how to have a happier life.

But there is another plot that I thought up.

Now, the problem with that is that, as people read the story, they have their own plot ideas. That's fine. It's normal, and I don't mind that a bit. This is fantasy, after all, and it's supposed to energise the imagination.

But, here's what I want you to reflect on: If you're reading something by one of those authors who really THINKS about things, and tries to write more than just sex scenes connected by a paragraph break, sometimes you have to wait a while before the plot gets illuminated.

By that, I mean that everything that happens in the whole series ... happens for a reason. It's not just a bunch of loosely connected stories. It all LEADS somewhere. I'll admit that it meanders a bit, sometimes. I'm an amateur at this, after all. But everything that HAS happened, and IS happening, as you read the series, has a purpose. It moves one or more characters to the ending that has been established in the plot.

So be patient as you read these kind of stories. To be honest, you won't actually know until the last words are read whether the plot is one you like ... or not. I personally hate that, when reading a book. I want to know that I'll be happy at the end.

Just like you folks. Believe me, I know you feel the same way.

But as an author, I don't want to be so transparent that you know the ending before it's even in sight. I hope there will be anticipation, and excitement and yes, even a little dread, now and then. And then, when you DO get to the ending, I want you to stick your arm up in the air, make a fist, jerk it back down like you're pulling a cloud from the sky and say "YES!"

Of course that's just what I want, as the author. And I know that's not going to happen with everybody. But that's the author's goal.

But how else could I write, and feel like I'm challenging my own skills?

Those of you who have read much of my stuff know that Romeo and Juliet is not my style. I mean the Bard could write some great stuff, but sometimes his endings are so dismal as to leave one in a mild (hopefully) state of depression.

That's not me. I like happy endings. That's what fantasy is for, in my opinion. Maybe the endings in your real life aren't all that great. And, to be honest, some of the darkness in the fantasy I write plays to that, so that it feels familiar. You can empathize with the character, because you know how that feels.

So, if you think, as you read this series, that things are getting screwed up, and going in the wrong direction, just remember ... it all leads to the ending, and the illumination of the plot.

I know not everybody will be happy with that ending. But I hope most of you will be.

Thanks for reading.