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Reality trumps fantasy

March 24, 2008
Posted at 8:37 am

As authors (and readers too) we tend, sometimes, to get wrapped up in the fiction we enjoy so much. That's all right. Sometimes the crush of reality causes a need in us to escape, for a little while, into the fantasy world.

But realisty is still there, and must be dealt with.

I've mentioned Peaches, my editor, who has done so much to improve the quality of the things you've gotten to read in the last six months. And reality has crushed Peaches, because on Sunday morning, her father died.

This is the kind of reality that can't be escaped. Peaches is going to be busy confronting that reality for a while, and I'm not going to ask her to escape into the fantasies I write until she's ready to do that again.

So the current story I'm posting, which is the last story in the Bobby Dalton series, is going to slow down a bit. Having gotten used to the quality that Peaches is so important to, I'm going to try to ensure it by myself until she's back on her feet.

All that means is that fewer chapters will get posted each Monday, Wednesday or Friday, than might have otherwise, and that it will take a little longer to get the whole story out there for you to read.

Please use some of the time that you might have spent reading, by spending a little extra time with those you love, and would miss if they moved on.