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No Posting For A While

March 20, 2008
Posted at 1:58 am

I love technology. It is so great that at times I wondered what my life would be without it. Yes, I used to sit in front of the keyboard wondering what life would be without all of my technological gadgets.

Let's see, I wouldn't have lost more than thirty chapters of my stories. Eight chapters of WRC, ten chapters of Quatyl, three chapters of Mike Radford, and twelve chapters of The Victorian. That would be nice. I wouldn't have lost three weeks and hundreds of dollars trying to recover the data from my disk drives only to find that the data was gone gone gone. Both hard drives were roasted. Originals and backups.

You see, lightning hit the house with a murderous crash. Milliseconds later, silicon chips turned into little black threads and floated through the air. I had lots of things with silicon chips in them. I have them no longer.

Rest In Peace Computers. Rest in Peace Printer. Rest in Peace KVM, Router, and Hubs. Rest in Peace HDTV. Rest in Peace Stereo. I shall miss you more than the microwave.

The sole survivor was a little laptop that had been nestled in its carrying case waiting patiently for the day when I remembered that I owned it. Neglected, it waited knowing that I hated typing on the crimped keyboard. I hated the little touch pad mouse wanna-be. At least I can read a few stories on SOL.

For Lazlo, it is going to be a couple of weeks or more before he gets any of his lost work back. For his fans, it is hoped that they will understand.