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Talk about Kismet!

December 3, 2007
Posted at 2:09 pm
Updated: November 1, 2010 - 11:06 am

I have gotten a few snide, but friendly comments on the new pen name I adopted, that of Lubrican, the sprite who inflames the lusts of the unwary.

I don't mean snide in a bad way, and I'm not complaining. Most of those comments had something to do with oil cans, or something like that.

Today, though, I got an email from a reader that actually addresses the oily nature of my new name - and it does it in a way that's almost spooky.

He gave me a quote from a well known figure in the world of erotica:

"The priests had excellent cause to forbid us
lechery: this injunction, by reserving to them
acquaintance with and absolution for these
private sins, gave them an incredible ascendancy
over women, and opened up to them a career of
lubricity whose scope knew no limits."
[Marquis de Sade]

Now that's not really easy to understand. I think it basically means that by denying the common man the option of being lecherous, that allowed the priests to overdose on that commodity. But the word "lubricity" caught my eye, and I looked it up. Here are the definitions:

Definition 1. smoothness or slipperiness, esp. the effectiveness of a lubricant as determined by this quality.

Definition 2. instability; trickiness.
Example the lubricity of earthly happiness.

Definition 3. lewdness; lecherousness.

Seeing as how the quote is from de Sade, I think it's safe to say that definition number three was in play there.

I did not know this, when I chose Lubrican as a name. I knew about the sprite, the precursor of the Leprechaun, but the word "lubricity" wasn't in my vocabulary.

I speak often about my muse, and how she whispers in my ear, suggesting things, and makes me do things, and uses my fingers to write stories, while I sometimes sit back and am just purely amazed at what she has come up with.

Of course my muse knows how lecherous I am, and the lewdness of which I am capable.

I have a feeling that, when I was looking for a new name, she was whispering in my ear then too.

And "lubricity" WAS in her vocabulary.

It's kind of spooky how things work out sometimes ... isn't it?

Thanks for all your support for the name change, and, of course, for reading.