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Who am I, really? v 1.3

August 12, 2007
Posted at 12:58 pm

When I first started writing, I had, in my own mind, a style that went with the pen name you have all loved to hate - Beating Off Bob. I explained that name in another blog entry, so I won't bore you with repeating it.

But I also wrote some things that seemed to come from another part of my psyche, so I created a second pen name - Just Bob - which was for posting those stories that came from him, whoever he was. They were generally strange, or twisted takes on things.

OK, so I'm strange and twisted on everything. You've told me that often.

Anyway, along came another guy, who decided to use the pen name "Just Plain Bob", which was really close to my "Just Bob" name. Ever since then, when I get mail on a "Just Bob" story, I invariably get mail from people who think they're writing to "Just Plain Bob".

His stories are not my cup of tea, so to speak. I don't want to be confused with, or compared to him. And, as stated above, I'm pretty twisted about everything I write, at least by society's general standards.

Add to that the fact that, lately, I have been experimenting with a lot of different ideas, and I decided that it's really B.O.B. who writes all this stuff.

So, I have abandoned the "Just Bob" pen name, and now, everything I have ever written is all under the B.O.B. banner.

If you didn't know I was "Just Bob" sometimes, then you have thirteen or so more stories to read, if you're interested. Some of those stories have just been mixed in with my general stories. Two series came from "Just Bob", one for Naughty Nursery Rhymes, and one for Twisted Fairy Tales. I plan to add to both of those as time permits.

Thank you to all of you who read and commented on Just Bob's stories. Now maybe you won't be confused any more.

Thanks for reading.