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Steven Seven: Blog

March 29, 2017
Posted at 12:28 pm

Would you want a 24-hour blowjob?

I had been hearing a lot about the popularity of liquid fasts, cleanses, de-toxification. Like Gwyneth Paltrow's detox, for instance. And then there is the even crazier idea that drinking urine can improve your health. Some people in India do it. In the USA during the 1930's, a drug was made from the urine of pregnant women.

This got me to thinking. Could a woman benefit from giving a man a 24-hour blowjob and surviving on no food or drink except for his piss and cum?

Equally important, how would a man feel with his dick parked in a woman's mouth all day and all night?

For a moment I considered applying for a research grant from the federal government to conduct this experiment. Then I thought better of it.

Instead I decided to do what Einstein had done when he was a struggling patent clerk pondering the strange behavior of light. (No, Einstein did not get a 24-hour blowjob. Or if he did, he kept it secret!) What Einstein did was to conduct "thought experiments" on the relationship between the speed of light, space, and time. This led Einstein to his conceptual breakthrough, the Theory of Relativity.

I decided to do the same. Conduct a thought experiment, I mean. But my thought experiment would be done in the form of a story. That's how I came to write "The 24-Hour Blowjob".

I took on this mini-project as a slight diversion several months ago. I needed a break from the major writing project I was working on at the time. This was back during the several months in 2016 that I spent writing my serial/book "Welcome to My World" in the MASTER'S WORLD Universe. (If you're looking for a whole, big, long story, then that's the place to go. I'll be putting the finishing touches on the final chapter to that serial next month, if I keep to my own self-imposed schedule.)

The 24-hour blowjob story remained incomplete. Until this week. Then I took it up, pummeled it into shape, and brought it through to completion. Now it's coming out.

By the way, I'm still working on the Chapter 6 in my current serial "Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters". If all goes well, that will be published later this week. Stay tuned!

March 25, 2017
Posted at 2:32 pm

Heather is Daddy's Little Whore, thank you very much

I offer my hearty thanks to everyone who's downloaded my latest sketch, "Daddy's Little Whore: Master and His Slave Girl Heather". It's a sketchy bit of writing in the sense that it is not a real story. Rather, it is my musings about one young slave within one man's personal paradise, and some details about the infrastructure of that paradise. I originally wrote this back in the days when I was developing the ideas for what would ultimately become my serial/book "Welcome to My World" in the MASTER'S WORLD Universe. If you're looking for a whole, big, long story, then that's the place to go. I'll be putting the finishing touches on the final chapter to that serial next month, if I keep to my own self-imposed schedule.

Meanwhile, most of my writing efforts of late have been going into writing the next chapter in my current popular serial "Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters". And when I say "popular", I mean "frequently downloaded". None of my writings garner high scores. They're not popular in that sense. And I'm resigned to the likelihood of that never changing. Why? Because I write for a niche audience. My tastes are rather too extreme, sexually, for most people. Read the story tags and story descriptions to see why. And that's fine. Because it's simply a fact. I don't argue against facts. I am just grateful for the existence of Storiesonline where I can publish my fantasies, and you can read them, with only an absolute minimum number of constraints as to their contents (e.g., no sex for characters under 14-years-of-age).

I anticipate completing Chapter 6 of "Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters" sometime in the coming week. I am publishing 'em as fast as I can write 'em. But my writing time is limited. I can't make specific promises as to a particular publishing date. The only thing I can promise is that I will write the most stroke-worthy stories I am capable of. I am a sexual fantasist with clear preferences for Male Dominance and female submission, with all that that entails. I write about the bedroom, not the boardroom, or the battlefield, or the barrio. I'll leave those types of tales to others. If you are someone whose sexual interests coincide with mine, you are my reader.

I hope you enjoy what I write. And if you don't, that's fine too. I write primarily for myself. You're only coming along for the ride. So hold on and enjoy it, because things can get pretty wild!

March 24, 2017
Posted at 4:58 pm

Fans of a Girl Named Blowjob: Meet Heather!

I am still working hard on writing the next chapter in my popular serial "Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters". That story takes much more effort to write than it does to dash off a short piece like my latest sketch, "Daddy's Little Whore: Master and His slave girl Heather". I call this a sketch rather than a story, because it sketches out the Master/slave relationship without having any plot or character development. I wrote the original version of this piece quite a long time ago. It did it when I was developing the concepts that would eventually combine to form the MASTER'S WORLD Universe and my primary serial in it, "Welcome to My World."

I'm putting a revised version of this "Daddy's Little Whore" sketch online for the readers - small in number but great in passion - who enjoyed reading about Amber, the girl whom the Master re-named as Blowjob.

Although it probably should go without saying (because it seems rather obvious) everything I write is a stroke story. It's all geared to my particular likes, passions, turn-ons, fetishes, paraphilias, or whatever you want to call them. I am writing for me. If what I write happens to turn you on as well, so much the better.

Please don't feel offended when I say this. But I really don't care if most people do not like what I write. I am not writing for most people. No one is paying me to write this stuff. I do it because it pleases me. If it doesn't please you to read it…then don't read it! Complaining to me that you didn't like it makes about as much sense as complaining to me because my favorite food is not your favorite food. To each, his own!

All of that being said, I am interested in what people think about what I write. I do, of course, prefer compliments over complaints. But if you write to me, whether to praise or to condemn, I will reply to you. I answer all email.

March 20, 2017
Posted at 6:23 pm

What would your sexual paradise be like?

We are all limited by the hard facts of the real world. We are all infinitely free in our imaginations.

In my writings, I have been telling you what my erotic fantasies are. What are yours? Drop me a line through the Comment link. I reply to all email.

Some people find that, even in their imaginations, they can only find substantial erotic pleasure if their sexual fantasies have some plausibility in the real world. The fewer the implausible aspects to these fantasies, the better they work to arouse a reader's passions. So, for example, a reader enjoys a fantasy in which he or she has a casual encounter with an amazing lover met on a trip far from home. The same reader cannot get much satisfaction out of a fantasy that employs magic or super-science to gain vast numbers of spectacular lovers.

My imagination spans the gamut. I can take pleasure in a plausible fantasy or an implausible one with equal ease. My stories reflect this. Most of what I write is rather far-out, extreme male-dominant erotica that could not happen in this time in place. A small number of my stories could actually happen today, if someone had the resources and determination to accomplish them.

For the convenience of my readers, I am going to provide lists my current stories in order of plausibility. The stories in the first list titled POSSIBLE could, potentially, happen. The ones in the second list titled FAR OUT could only happen if the most extreme developments of science and technology, or magic, were to become real.

"My First Rape"
"My Second Rape"

"Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters"
"Watch Me Sodomize Your Daughters, Bitch"
"Welcome to My World"
"A Girl Named Blowjob"
"A Day in the Life of a Girl Named Blowjob"
"A Girl Named Blowjob Meets Her Adoptive Mommy"
"A Love to Remember"

Again, please drop me a line through the Comment link and tell me what your favorite erotic fantasies. I reply to all email.

March 19, 2017
Posted at 9:34 am

Return of a Girl Named Blowjob

I have submitted a new story that, I am confident, most people will *NOT* like. Based on previous experience with this series, I am very confident in this assessment. Nevertheless, a few readers *REALLY* liked the previous two installments of this series. So I will press on and give that small but devoted readership something they will probably like a lot.

The new story is titled "A Girl Named Blowjob Meets Her Adoptive Mommy." It follows upon the earlier two stories, "A Girl Named Blowjob", and "A Day in the Life of a Girl Named Blowjob."

From the story titles alone you should be able to gauge whether this sort of thing is your cup of tea. If you have any doubt, then just stay out. If you are curious, please read the story tags carefully. I am not hiding anything about the contents of this story, nor did I hide anything about the others in this series.

This story is minimalist. There is no character development, no conflict, and no mystery. It's all a description of what happens to a 14-year-old sex slave in the harem of the Master when she enters upon the next stage in her life of sex slavery, which is to be adopted by an older sex slave in the Master's harem.

Don't expect any grand narratives. This is just some nice, dirty, sexy, male dominant wish-fulfillment, as seen through the eyes of one young girl and her new mommy. It takes place within the Master's personal paradise, which is a place I described at great length in the "Welcome to My World" book / serial. The Master populates his World with female sex slaves. Some he synthesizes using genetic engineering and biotechnology. This is the continuing story one such synthesized girl, who was given the name Amber at birth, but whom her Master re-named Blowjob when she joined his harem on her 14th birthday. Now she is often referred to as Amber-Blowjob. If you like 'em young and no holes barred, with plenty of gonzo action, you'll love little Blowjob!