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Steven Seven: Blog

January 18, 2017
Posted at 9:13 pm


And now for something completely different…ROMANCE!

Yes, my new story is pure romance. There is a tiny bit of sex that is NOT explicit. At all.

This story is designed to get you in the feels. It's about a pair of star-crossed lovers who regret their choices, and then magically get a chance for a do-over.

If women are from Venus and men are from Mars, then this story is definitely geared towards Venus, rather than toward…umm…the part of the male anatomy that rhymes with Venus.

I've never written a romantic story before. So I'd love to get your reader feedback on it.

January 15, 2017
Posted at 11:15 pm

Readers download "My Second Rape" at record rates

Readers downloaded "My Second Rape", the second story in my new series, at a rate that is unprecedented in my experience here at Storiesonline.

I uploaded the story very late on Friday night, January 13, 2017. I thought that it would not be available until Saturday morning. But the processing software at Storiesonline turned out to be the little engine that could. They got it online before midnight. Some 40 people downloaded the story before the witching hour, when Friday turned into Saturday.

On Saturday, an amazing 2,052 downloads took place. Something about "My Second Rape" certainly struck a nerve. Readers also went back and began downloading "My First Rape" at higher rates. Before Friday, the daily downloads of that story had been around 20-30. (The range was actually wider, but that's about the median.) Friday they downloaded it 50 times. On Saturday, readers downloaded "My First Rape" 889 times.

My first serial/book published at Storiesonline, "Welcome to My World", also saw a spike in downloads. Daily downloads had been in the 40-50 range. Saturday they jumped to 207.

Am I bragging? Of course I am! But I'm also hoping to inspire newbie authors (which I was just 2 months ago) to keep working at your writing craft, even if the initial response from readers is tepid or negative.

I'm learning a lot from watching these numbers. I am learning even more from readers who have written to me directly with suggestions and advice. I am especially grateful to Mr. D. (I'll call him that - I don't want to use even his full internet handle, for reasons of privacy). We have been having a very fruitful email exchange, which I hope to continue.

You can write to me too, if you're interested. Use the Feedback function here at Storiesonline, which will send me an email. Everything you write to me will be kept strictly confidential. I won't share anything you tell me unless you give me permission.

I'm sure that many people have strong feelings about my stories. Do you know how I can tell that? Because Storiesonline provides information to authors that it does not give readers. The popularity score that you see is a weighted average that is calculated according to a formula that Storiesonline does not fully disclose. Anyway, this is what happens. If a bunch of people absolutely HATE a story and give it the lowest possible rating, and another bunch of people absolutely LOVE a story and give it the highest possible rating, the score that readers see will be in the middle or lower. That's where my stories score.

In statistical terms, this is called a bi-modal distribution. I wish that all of my readers could see the bar charts that Storiesonline displays for authors. Everything I write gets bi-modal scoring. The haters hate some of my stories more than others, but generally speaking, there are usually more haters than lovers. Only my newest story, "My Second Rape", had a preponderance of high scores over low. But even with that one, haters gonna hate.

Oh, well. I suppose that's just the way it is. I doubt that this will change. My only realistic wish is that I knew more about WHY they dislike my writing so much. It can't be for poor spelling and grammar! My suspicion is that the subject matter I write about simply disturbs them. Rather than walk away, they strike out in the comfortable anonymity of the Internet.

And that's OK. I don't like it, but I can accept that. I just wish they would TELL ME why they hate my writing. Is it the scat? The male dominance? The repetitiveness? The blue eyes?

Maybe I should take a poll. Set up something on Surveymonkey and ask people to answer a few questions.

What do you think?

January 13, 2017
Posted at 11:09 pm
Updated: January 14, 2017 - 5:51 am

"My Second Rape" is happening!

If owning one teenaged sex slave is good, wouldn't owning two be even better?

As you may recall, in "My First Rape" the Master kidnapped and enslaved young Wendy, a beautiful, blue-eyed, platinum blonde who was 14-years-old at the time. At the start of the new story, Wendy has now turned 15. She has spent the past 12 months as an eager sex slave for the Master. She does everything he wants her to, and does it with skill and enthusiasm.

There is lots of sex between these two in the run-up to the kidnapping of the Master's next "victim" (or "winner" as he prefers to think of her). His new target is Ivory, a gorgeous redhead with snow-white skin and green eyes. The story tells how the Master came to select Ivory and how he developed his plan to kidnap the 14-year-old.

At more than 25,600 words, "My Second Rape" is almost 3 times longer than "My First Rape", which clocked in at a mere 8,600 words or so.

January 10, 2017
Posted at 9:44 pm

To Write is the thing

I've gotten responses to my previous blog post, which asked readers to choose between two options:

A) Should I re-write "My First Rape" so that Wendy will not "break too quickly"?

B) Should I continue working on writing "My Second Rape" and leave the first story alone, at least for now?

The responses have been unanimous: Write, do not re-write.

So that's what I'm doing! I've already increased the volume of "My Second Rape" from over 6,000 words to more than 9,000. I hope to have the first draft completed, revised, proofread, and posted some time this coming weekend (Jan. 14-15, 2017).

Here's a little teaser for what you can expect to see in my next story. Lots of sex between sex slave #1, Wendy, and her Master. More information about why Wendy is so rare as to be almost unique. Description of the Master's planning process for acquiring sex slave #2. Carrying out the Master's plan to snatch Miss Sex Slave #2. And then…well, you'll just have to wait to see what goes according to plan, and what doesn't.

My main goal with this story is to provide you with a stroke-worthy read, while also embellishing the tale with enough background and context to set the stage for more tales that will take place in the expansion and exploitation of the Master's harem of completely dominated, submissive sex slaves.

January 8, 2017
Posted at 9:17 pm

To Write or to Re-Write?

I have a question for my readers.

I have been working on a sequel to "My First Rape" to be titled "My Second Rape." Reader feedback on that first story indicates that it could be improved in various ways, mostly by not letting Wendy's will "break too quickly."

So here's my question, which I'll present as 2 options:

A) Should I re-write "My First Rape" so that Wendy will not "break too quickly"?

B) Should I continue working on writing "My Second Rape" and leave the first story alone, at least for now?

Please let me know your opinion, guys and gals.