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Do teachers have sex with students at Cunt Community College?

June 23, 2017
Posted at 1:14 pm

The Master possesses a hidden trans-dimensional planet customized into his personal paradise. He owns everything and everyone in it, including hundreds of female sex slaves. At his Cunt Community College there, his 18-19 year old teenaged sex slaves are trained. What is that training like? Let's accompany the Master on a tour and go take a look:

We walk down the hallway to where the Blowjobs 101 course is taught. Entering the room, we see a dozen naked young women, each a beauty, kneeling before manikins that look like me. Each manikin sports a cock that looks like mine. The women are sucking on the fake cocks. The manikins are arranged in a line along the back wall. On that wall two rows of monitors mounted above and behind each manikin. One line of monitors displays complex graphics of colored shapes and numbers, displaying data about each cock-sucking young woman's performance. The other line of monitors shows video feeds of the blowjob-giving women from several camera angles. A pair of teachers wearing half-cup bras, garters with stockings, but nothing else, walk up and down the line, carry riding crops. They gaze alternately at the monitors and the young women practicing their fellatio skills. The fake cocks are wired with exquisitely sensitive sensors that measure the cocksucking action of the women sucking on them. That data is sent to computers programmed to measure the output of the sensors and compare it with my preferred types of blowjobs.

To see more, go read the story!

Campus Tour of Cunt Community College

June 22, 2017
Posted at 3:45 pm

I enjoy owning women. Ever since I attained the power to exert complete, irreversible mind control, I've taken great pleasure in collecting women. I free their minds of sadness, loneliness and confusion, replacing their former state with a pattern of personality, force of motivation and heart's desire of my own choosing. I grant them sunny happiness, comfort them with my dominating presence, and love them through and through. Even my hardness, my domination, and the brutal force of my desire give them only joy and satisfaction in serving me. Once a woman slips under my control, she no longer has even the slightest will to resist. She lives to serve me. I own her, body and soul. She knows it, and acknowledges it as fact. She wants nothing more than to be owned by me. To serve me. To be used by me. To act only in accordance with my pleasure, no matter what I demand of her. No act is beneath her. Nothing is taboo. She thanks me for everything I say to her and everything I do to her, or make her do for me. She loves, worships, and adores me. She is my precious, beloved mind slave forever.

That's the opening paragraph to my latest effort, "Cunt Community College." This fun ride offers another glimpse into the Master's personal paradise planet. This time around, the Master addresses you, the reader, directly. He serves as your tour guide. The Master guides you through one of the villages within his Harem World. This village includes the only institution of higher learning on his whole planet of beautiful female sex slaves. Look, there's the sign post up ahead!

A large sign stands on the campus lawn. The sign features an image of a flower reminiscent of a vagina. Below the flower are the letters C C C. In smaller letters beneath that are the words "Cunt Community College." My slaves and I call it "Cunt Cum College" or just plain old "Cunt College". The young women who attend this esteemed institution are called cunt cum collies, or cunties, or collies. Let's go inside the main building. More flower paintings adorn the walls. To the left, a sign board lists classrooms for different purposes and the classes taught there. We won't stop long enough to read them all. But you'll see these few near the top of the list: Blowjobs 101. Anal Sex 110. Domestic Sex Service 120. Cooking for the Master 130. Family Play: Pseudo-Incest 140. Care and Feeding of Your Tits 150. Beginning Lactation 160. Whores, Prostitutes, and Sex Slaves 170. Deepthroating 180. And on and on.

You can see where this story is going, can't you? Want to…go all the way? Then read the whole thing, my friend!

Two Days in the Life of the Master

June 10, 2017
Posted at 7:15 pm

OK, so the original title of this short, two-chapter piece "A Day in the Life of the Master" was actually a little misleading, since Chapter 2 actually covers a second day. But what's 48-hours between friends, right?

The very last page of Chapter 2 (which is the concluding chapter) introduces a topic that could be expanded upon vastly: the Master's work at designing of his next generation of genetically engineered female sex slaves. As it says in the text:

"With more than 100 million potential perfect bitches in his design database, the Master could spend endless hours picking and choosing…. In addition to picking the particular appearance of the cunts he planned to grow…the Master would also plan out the interactions of those cunts with the other bitches they would encounter in Harem World. The Master would choose the young cunt's adoptive mother …. The Master could also select from an array of possible life paths for [the slave being designed]… Would he make her a waitress, or a chef, or a teacher, or a housemaid, or a porn store whore? Would he make her maximum tit size at maturity gigantomastic or merely macromastic, or even something lesser? … Planning these things for his young cunts was very enjoyable for the Master. … Sex slaves were fun to own, and to design, and to plan for!

What kind of young cunts would YOU design, if you could have any girls you wanted, and as many women as you cared to own?

Living the Dream: One Day in the Life of the Master

June 7, 2017
Posted at 11:13 pm

It all began with my serial "Welcome to My World" (which is still ongoing). One man is the Master of all he surveys, including a population of made-to-order, genetically-engineered female sex slaves of surpassing beauty, including girls as young as 14, and women with stupendous breasts. The Master programs his gorgeous women and girls into ideal sex slaves who want what he wants them to want, apparently of their own free will.

Using advanced technology, the Master has complete control over biology, both his own and that of his female sex slaves. On his world, there is no illness or injury, no matter how many unsanitary and rough sexual practices he performs with his female property.

Stop by to see how the Master spends a typical day. But be forewarned: Extremely dirty sex! Read the codes!

Why "Diary of a Rapist"?

June 7, 2017
Posted at 1:05 pm

Why did I write "Diary of a Rapist"?

Some people wonder. So let me answer.

First, let's take a look at how common rape fantasies are. Here is a quote from Psychology Today in 2015:

"In recent studies, more than 90 percent of women admit having had sexual fantasies, and depending on the study, some one-third to two-thirds confess at least occasional fantasies of being forced into sex. Of course, sexual assault is a horrible violation. Why would any sane woman fantasize about it? A recent study suggests that rape fantasies are most prevalent among women who are the most erotically open and adventurous, who feel most comfortable daydreaming about sexual situations way beyond what they'd ever want to experience."

I tried to find similar information about how many men fantasize about raping women. But that information is very hard to come by, for some reason. Almost all the online articles about rape fantasies focus on women who have them. ALL of the articles based on actual research were about women's rape fantasies. Only blogs and opinion pieces devoid of rigorous research talked about how many men fantasize about raping women. Why is that? Your guess is as good as mine.

I think it's safe to say that many men fantasize about having complete control over women, and that rape is one possible expression of that desire.

Personally, I enjoy stories of male domination over females. Based on the large number of stories with this theme, I am not alone here. The point where my fantasies differ from some others in this category is that I am not particularly interested in female bondage, nor do I like extreme violence. Those are ancillary to my main interest. I prefer gentler forms of coercion via mind control. No muss, no fuss. Just one man getting what he wants from one or more women. Preferably from several women at once.

That's why I write what I write. I do it primarily for myself, and for anyone else who responds to the same turn-ons that I do.