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Steven Seven: Blog

What do whore mothers do with whore daughters?

March 20, 2018
Posted at 6:09 pm

My recent story "Whore Mother of Whore Daughters" is one of my tales that has received widely divergent reactions from readers. Some loved it. Some hated it. I came to write this story on the spur of the moment during the early days of the month of March 2018. Writing it was one of those instances when inspiration struck, and I set to work immediately. What's the story about? You can read the blurb for it online at SOL. But to give you the flavor of it, I'll provide the story opening below:

You wouldn't understand. Almost nobody on Earth does. Why would a mother deliberately give birth to daughters, just so she could turn them into little whores? Why would a mother even be a whore herself if she had plenty of money and was not being forced into it?

And whore isn't even the right word. Sex slave is the right word. My daughters and I are sex slaves. It's what I want to be. It's what I want every one of my daughters to be. Because it's the right thing for us to be.

Let me explain.

I started out as a normal American girl. My name is Jennifer Winton. I'm a blue-eyed blonde with long hair, a peaches and cream complexion, and a very shapely body. I even did a little modeling as a teenager after a professional photographer spotted me. But I didn't enjoy it. Maybe I was just too up-tight and conservative back then. I had been born into a loving but very strict family. I had had a thoroughly ordinary middle-class life. I was a virgin until I went off to college. My first boyfriend was handsome and kind and really cute. We had sex a few times before I ended our relationship. I wanted to move on and meet new people. And I did meet new people. I met Steven.

Steven was an older man. I met him one day at the coffee shop where I worked. He was well-dressed in the way rich people can be, where his clothes were not flashy but were extremely well-made. I learned to spot the look from my Aunt Cecily who lives in New York City. I guess I made an impression on him because after that first day he came into the shop, he kept coming back during my shift. I found him intriguing. He made me laugh but he also made me think. When he asked me to go out to dinner, I agreed. And that was either the best decision of my life or the worst, depending on how you look at it.

Steven took me to a very expensive restaurant. I had never been to a place like that before. The d├ęcor, the food, and the service were amazing. The waiters treated us like royalty or something. When I saw the menu prices, I nearly fainted. On my salary, if I had to pay I couldn't have bought more than an appetizer. Steven ordered a full, multi-course meal for the two of us.

Over dinner, I asked him many questions about himself. He answered some quite directly. But he was rather evasive on most. I guess I didn't mind because I enjoyed being with a rich man of mystery. Maybe I should have been more curious. But that might have spoiled all the fun.

What do you do with a girl named Blowjob?

March 17, 2018
Posted at 12:20 am

Sung to the tune of "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?" from The Sound of Music. Well, what I did was to assemble the "Life of a Girl Named Blowjob" from all my stories about Amber. She started out as a little teenaged girl who became a sex slave of the Master and served him for the rest of her life. Master renamed her Blowjob. Follow the life of little Blowjob from age 14 on in this great collection of stories, including:

1) "A Girl Named Blowjob"

2) "A Day in the Life of a Girl Named Blowjob"

3) "A Girl Named Blowjob Meets Her Adoptive Mommy"

4) "A Gigantomastic Girl Named Blowjob"

Want to know what's cooking? I'd like to know what you'd order.

March 13, 2018
Posted at 10:14 pm

In addition to my ongoing serials "The Love Pill" and "Hyperlactation: My Life as a Major Milk Producer" and "Ageplay: Humbert Humps a Hairless Cunt" and "Enslaving My Wife and Her Sisters" I've got a ton of ideas for other serials and standalone short stories. I'll tell you a little bit about some of the things I've got in the works or on my "To Write" list. Then you tell me, via the Comments link, what you're interested in.

One serial I've been working on (but not finished) will venture into new territory for me: mother/son and sister/brother incest. I've never written about this topic before because it doesn't interest me as much as other forms of incest. But I figured 'What the hell, let me start writing on this and see where it takes me.' Well, it took me to some familiar places and then to some quite unfamiliar ones. This story proved to have more potential than I'd originally thought.

I've got another serial barely started that deals with sex in the future after a political and cultural revolution. It's still within the ambit of my usual Male dominant preferences. But instead of taking place on another planet or within one man's harem, it becomes a global phenomenon. This is perhaps my most ambitious idea for a serial, because it could potentially become very long.

I might also consider writing a sequel to one of my most often downloaded stories "Your Asses Are Mine!" Saith the Lord to His wife & Her Daughter. This tale is still among my Top Ten most downloaded stories, week after week, and has been ever since I published it 6 months ago.

Then there is the potential for a series (not serial) of stories stemming from my big breast stories. The two stories I'm thinking of are "Calling Dr. Titz! [1]: Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast" and "One Man, Two Women, Four Gigantomastic Breasts, and No Waiting". Although these are not among my highest-rated or most-downloaded tales, they are dearly beloved by aficionados of fine female udders of unusual size.

And that's not all. I've got dozens of other story ideas that I want to keep close to my vest. What I'd like to know is which of the story ideas above appeal to you the most. Any favorites? Any you really dislike?

I take all opinions and recommendations with an open mind. Feel free to speak your mind. I want to hear anything you'd like to tell me, no matter how wild or how critical. I promise only one thing: I'll go my own way no matter what people say. The person who pays the piper calls the tune. Since I am writing and publishing these stories gratis, I am essentially paying my own way. Therefore, I get final call. But I'd still like to know what people like, and what they don't.

"The Love Pill" goes down easy

March 12, 2018
Posted at 11:13 pm

My ongoing serial "The Love Pill" is proving to be among my most popular (by reader scores, its 4th) and most downloaded (it's 6th) out of the 54 stories I've published here in SOL to date. We're only on Chapter 4 and there are quite a few more chapters yet to come. I'm aiming to publish one chapter per week. I can't go any faster than that because, well, I have my hands full with all the other stories I'm working on simultaneously. I admire writers who refuse to publish a single chapter until they've got the whole story written. I just can't do that. I mean, I won't do it because I don't enjoy working that way. My imagination is too fertile and my writerly mind too febrile. I need to have a lot going on in order to feel fully engaged. And let me tell you, I am fully engaged!

Ch. 4 of "The Love Pill"

March 11, 2018
Posted at 4:17 pm
Updated: March 11, 2018 - 4:34 pm

In Chapter 4 of "The Love Pill" our protagonist grapples with the problem of how to deal with the jealousy between Sandy and Rebecca. Their competition over him as the man who is now at the center of both women's lives has escalated. What can he do it about it? His solution may surprise you.

What was the Love Pill? The best way to explain it is to quote the story itself:

First let me tell you what it was not. It was not a simple aphrodisiac. It was not some sleazy date rape drug. No. It was nothing of the kind. I did not want some drug to incapacitate a woman in order to have sex with her. Nor was I looking for a drug that would merely make a woman turn romantic. I wanted a drug that would light a fire of sexual desire in any woman and proceed all the way through romance to love and commitment. But I wanted even more than that. This drug would focus a woman's desire with laser-sharp precision onto one particular man-the man who possessed his own complement to the Love Pill: the Master Pill.