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Peeking into reader reaction to the "Dairy of a Rapist"

May 20, 2017
Posted at 1:17 pm

A lot of readers have been downloading Chapter 1 of "Dairy of a Rapist" since I posted it yesterday evening.

Some people have also rated the story by scoring it. The scores are all over the map: some readers love the story, while others hate it, and the majority fall somewhere in the middle.

The topic of rape, and the way I choose to write about it, could both be at issue here. I don't know how to separate them except by asking for readers to email me with their thoughts. Even then, I have no way to draw statistically significant conclusions from the sorts of random, anecdotal evidence such self-reports comprise.

Oh, well. I shall continue writing in any case. Rest assured about that. I write principally for my own enjoyment. Everybody else is just coming along for the ride.

Chapter 2 of this story will go online in the middle of next week, if everything goes according to plan.

Happy fucking weekend!

Diary of a Rapist. Ch 1 is now online

May 19, 2017
Posted at 11:05 pm

Many women as well as men have rape fantasies. Scientific sex researchers have confirmed this fact. I have written a story about multiple rapes and kidnappings by one very clever, determined, and sexually obsessed man. It is a story of extreme Male Dominance and utter female submission. The sex is down and dirty. It is told from the male perspective.

This story begins with completely new material. After that it includes a thorough re-working of material from my two earlier stories "My First Rape" and "My Second Rape" plus a lot of entirely new material.

Although many women and men have rape fantasies, actual rape is not like the fantasies. I do not advocate rape or condone it.

Thanks for the feedback! I'm happy you enjoy my HUMOR

May 16, 2017
Posted at 4:08 pm

Thanks to everyone who wrote to tell me how much they enjoyed my new very short story "My Struggle: One Sperm's Story". I appreciate it!

This humorous story is a monologue by the one lucky sperm talking to the young man he has sired. The sperm talks about his struggle, and the whole mating game itself. It's funny, and frank, and an affirmation of the value of married life and parenthood.

Since this story is only about 1,500 words long, you can read it in a few minutes. Like if you are standing on the grocery store checkout line or something. So if you want a feel-good smile, check it out.

And now for something completely different…HUMOR!

May 16, 2017
Posted at 7:42 am

This is my first attempt at humor. This very short story (about 1,500 words) is titled "My Struggle: One Sperm's Story". Here's the blurb for it:

"Every ejaculation produces on the order of 250 million sperm. Only one of them can fertilize the egg cell waiting enticingly at the end of the journey. She waits for the lucky winner to arrive. This humorous story is a monologue by that one lucky sperm talking to the young man he has sired. The sperm talks about his struggle, and the whole mating game itself. It's funny, and frank, and an affirmation of the value of married life and parenthood."

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Unconstrained sexual fantasies are my stock in trade

May 14, 2017
Posted at 10:52 pm

Unconstrained sexual fantasies are what my stories are all about. In such fantasies, the many specific conditions and limitations that each individual person represents in real life can be replaced, as if by magic, by whatever the author wishes. So in my stories, by magic or by super-science, all of the hard edges and difficult to negotiate aspects of establishing a relationship with real human beings has been replaced. In these ego-gratification fantasies, the male protagonist simply gets what he wants without all of the compromises, disappointments, problems, and premature endings that continually appear in real human life. When a man is looking for a good stroke story, none of those things fit the bill.

Other authors deal with more realistic scenarios of Master/slave, or Total Power Exchange, relationships, including historical fictions from times and places where slavery was a common practice. Those stories are all well and good. I want people to read them if they are at all attracted to those sorts of scenarios. But as for me, I have my own fantasies. These veer off into realms of science and magical fantasy in which a very different sort of Mastery and slavery obtains.

I could attempt to write the sorts of stories that are enjoyed by a larger number of readers. However, other authors already do that. And I myself am uninterested in reading those sorts of stories, much less writing them. All of which is to say: I am an oddball who writes oddball stories for other oddballs like himself.

I believe I have the skill to write more conventional stories. But I am not motivated to do so. Perhaps that will change one day. Perhaps some day I will write a psychologically acute and vivid story about fully-rounded human characters who undertake the perilous journey together into a Total Power Exchange, Master/slave relationship. Perhaps. But for the nonce, I shall continue to write stories in which an all-powerful Master seizes control of the minds and bodies of ordinary women, or else grows artificial life form females in high-tech facilities where they can be customized to his specifications. That's the power of my fantasies. It's not a power exchange, in which a woman chooses to surrender to a man. It's the tidal conquest of a female who is overwhelmed by the oceanic force of a super-powerful man who washes over her beach and then pulls her back out to sea with him. She cannot resist. All she can do is cooperate and love her fate, in the form of the man who has created that fate for her. And this she does.