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Best of 2017

December 12, 2017
Posted at 9:55 pm
Updated: December 12, 2017 - 11:41 pm

Best of 2017

As a gift for you, I have created a stories series comprising some of my most popular stories from 2017. The stories were chosen based on a combination of reader scores and total downloads for the year. They are arranged into several groups: Romantic; Humorous; and degrees of erotic intensity: X-Rated, XX-Rated, and XXX-Rated.

If you are traveling for the holidays, you can download the entire collection to your smartphone or other mobile device and read them even when you're off-line. Have a sexy Christmas and a happy humping New Year!

* * *


Section: Romantic

A Love to Remember

They were always, and never, a couple. And once upon a time, to enter the deepest place of physical intimacy, a place that was more wonderful, and more heartbreaking, than either of them had ever imagined it could be.

"A Love to Remember"

Section: Humorous

My Struggle: One Sperm's Story

This humorous story is a monologue by that one lucky sperm talking to the young man he has sired. The sperm talks about his struggle, and the whole mating game itself. It's funny, and frank, and an affirmation of the value of married life and parenthood.

"My Struggle: One Sperm's Story"

Letter to Teacher: Please Excuse Daughter She's Fucking Her Dad

A mother emails a school absence excuse about her daughter. The female teacher she sends it to is also the mother's bisexual lover. This story is sexual, humorous, and ready for a quick read with high arousal content.

"Letter to Teacher: Please Excuse Daughter - She's Fucking Her Dad"

Section: X-Rated

Wendy Rides With Me

A teenaged girl develops an oral obsession for the adult man who enslaved her year. Her sex is to suck him off and swallow his cum. One day he decides to take her on a road trip. Even on the road, she can't resist her urges. Neither can he.

"Wendy Rides with Me."

"Your Asses Are Mine!" Saith the Lord to His Wife & Her Daughter

A young woman of Scandinavian descent tells her story of becoming part of a Patriarchal religious family when her single-mother marries her stepfather in Minnesota. He forces her and her mother to submit to his will and to fulfill his sexual needs.

"Your Asses Are Mine!" Saith the Lord to His wife & Her Daughter

Calling Dr. Titz! [1]: Charms to Soothe a Savage Breast

Dr. Titz is the world's greatest expert on breast who has developed a technique for vastly expanding breasts without using implants. He also has the Perm, a device that gives him complete mind control of a woman, making her a willing and eager sex slave.

" Calling Dr. Titz! [1]: Charms to soothe a savage breast"

Section: XX-Rated

White Knights of Patriarchy and Women as Property of Men

A man discovers a White brotherhood that has built a better world where men rule and women serve.

"White Knights of Patriarchy and Women as Property of Men"

Underage Marilyn Helps Master Enslave Feminist and Daughter

A college student has unlimited wishes from spirit Anastasia, including any women he wants. Beginning with his wife Gloria (Big Tits) and her sisters, 14-yr-old Marilyn and 17-yr-old Kate, he now wants a feminist lawyer and her teenaged daughter.

"Underage Marilyn Helps Master Enslave Feminist and Daughter"

Section: XXX-Rated

The Master Hosts an Orgy: One Man & a Room Full of Women & Teens

The Master hosts an orgy for several dozen sex slaves and himself. He has kidnapped, enslaved and brainwashed many beautiful women and teenaged girls, turning them into ideal sex slaves for his personal use.

"The Master Hosts an Orgy: One Man & a Room Full of Women & Teens"

Diary of a Rapist

A man kidnaps, rapes, enslaves, and brainwashes / re-programs a beautiful big-breasted woman and two teenaged girls to create a harem of sex slaves

"Diary of a Rapist"

He was an easy rider. She was born to be wild.

December 10, 2017
Posted at 3:05 pm

He was a man who believed that rules were made to be broken. She was an underage girl with a hidden wild side. When he broke her free of her momma's rules by kidnapping her and making her into his personal property, they were both in for the ride of their lives. Their crazy Master / slave relationship broke every law of man and clods would ban it. Yet what had started out as the forced kidnapping, rape, and enslavement of the beautiful young blonde girl turned into the most rewarding relationship either of them ever had.

Why? What did they have in common? It's really quite simple. He craved to exert complete dominance over women. The now 15-year-old girl he had kidnapped a year earlier had secretly craved to be dominated by a man. But that's not all. They felt a personal chemical reaction when their two personalities combined. It was smokin' hot. And then there was the sex. They fit perfectly in every way. What's more, in this crazy world, it just so happened to be the case that he and she shared the same singular desire for one particular sexual practice above all others: She loved to suck his dick and swallow his cum. He loved for her to suck his dick and swallow his cum.

Surely this was a match made in heaven! Who cares what the law says? Love must have its way. You can read about the happy couple taking a little road trip in "Wendy Rides with Me."

In the beginning, she was his first choice…

December 8, 2017
Posted at 9:07 am

Amanda was a beautiful 20-year-old buxom blonde with bright blue eyes and a peaches and cream complexion. Everyone wanted her: man, boy, and lesbo. Some had had her, at least for a while. But the only one to have her and keep her was…the Master. In my story "Amanda, My First Sex Slave" the Master is newly empowered to read minds and control them. He chooses beautiful Amanda to be his first sex slave. This story takes place in the MASTER'S WORLD Universe. It is a prequel to "Taking My Nieces" in which the Master enslaves his gorgeous twin 16-year-old blonde nieces Kerry and Derry. The Master can also control biological functions to ensure perfect health, no matter what kind of kinky sex the Master and his women engage in. However, at this point in the timeline, the Master has not yet obtained his hidden trans-dimensional planet that he will eventually customize into his personal paradise. This is a story from those early, pre-paradise-planet days on Earth. The following excerpt from the story will give you a taste of its flavor:

In the late afternoon, we walked back to the cabin. Amanda prepared dinner, which was one of her jobs as my slave. I opened a bottle of wine. We drank several glasses with dinner, laughing at our good fortune.

Amanda said "I know I'm the luckiest girl in the world to be your slave, Master."

"And I'm happy to own you, Amanda" I said. "Our lives as Master and slave have only just begun."

The sun had gone down and the full moon had risen. I took Amanda by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

"I don't feel like another full fuck right now, bitch" I said. "Just give me a blowjob. My cum will be your dessert."

Amanda smiled joyfully. "Thank you, Master! If I spent the rest of my life doing nothing but giving you blowjobs, I'd still think I was the luckiest girl in the world!

My big-titted blonde slave used all her whorish skills to give me the most amazing suck-jobs I've ever had. She sucked my dick, deep-throated it, gagged herself with it, and did every trick in the book. Before long I was so turned on that I grabbed her head with both hands and skull-fucked the bitch like mad. I forced my dick as far down her throat as it would go, pumping the whore's throat relentlessly, until I came and came and came explosively down the bitch's throat.

Afterward, as we relaxed together, Amanda kept my dick in her mouth because I refused to pull it out of her. Soon we both fell asleep like that. An hour later, I woke up. Amanda still had my dick in her mouth, even though she was asleep. I owned this bitch, waking or sleeping. I stroked her golden hair.

An update to my NEVER popular series about a girl named…

December 6, 2017
Posted at 8:32 pm
Updated: December 7, 2017 - 3:51 pm

…Blowjob. Her birth name was Amber. When she entered into her Master's service as a sex slave at age 14, he re-named her Blowjob. Since Master also had a penchant for dubbing many of his other slaves with that name, her name was usually hyphenated as Amber-Blowjob. The tale of this little girl's life began with "A Girl Named Blowjob." She had been prepared from her earliest years for the day she would become an adult man's abject sex slave. Little Blowjob's story continued through "A Day in the Life of a Girl Named Blowjob" and "A Girl Named Blowjob Meets Her Adoptive Mommy."

Altogether these are among the LEAST POPULAR of my stories. They are simple sex stories of how the Master develops young girls in his harem and exploits their sexuality from the age of 14 onward. Regardless of how well or poorly the previous Amber-Blowjob stories have been received, I decided it was time to publish the next installment in Amber-Blowjob's story, "A Gigantomastic Girl Named Blowjob."

The little girl has now grown into a young woman of 20 years. But her age is not the only thing that's grown. Amber-Blowjob's breasts expanded massively. She went from being busty, to macromastic, to gigantomastic. And that's not all that's changed for Miss Blowjob. Here's the blurb for the latest story:

By age 20, sex slave Amber-Blowjob's tits had grown gigantic. Her expanding bust line burst through every barrier: 70 inches, 80 inches, and now 90 inches. And yet her gigantic udders showed no signs of stopping. Would they even stop at 100 inches? Her Master fully exploits his slave's gigantomastic udders. He "marries" Amber-Blowjob when she turns 24 and makes her adopt a beautiful 14-year-old girl, making the girl his daughter-slave. They all enjoy a pseudo-incestuous relationship.

Frisky fun with females

December 5, 2017
Posted at 3:48 pm

My stories often feature one man having sex with more than one beautiful young woman at a time. This is a recurrent theme for many authors here on SOL. A reader asked via email if I had ever experienced an orgy. As a matter of fact I have. Here is some of what I wrote in reply to the question about my own orgy experience:

"My orgy took place in a mountain cabin when I was 21. There were 3 girls and 3 guys of different ages. One of the girls was in her twenties. The other two were adult women. One was a middle-aged divorce. The other was a married woman cheating on her husband. She was quite a bit younger and very pretty. We had the cabin for the weekend. We all took some drug-I'm not even sure what it was. This happened many years ago. Back then, when someone handed me a pill I didn't ask too many questions before taking it. Anyway, there was a lot of sex. I participated in some and watched some. It was all very interesting, but not as satisfying as I had expected it to be."

Reflecting back on my experience, I realized that my main issue with the orgy was that I was not in complete control. As a natural dominant male, I dislike all the folderol of negotiating who does what to whom. I prefer to give commands and have them instantly obeyed…and with the submissive female(s) expressing gratitude for the opportunity to serve. Alas, training a female to that fine point of sexual servitude takes far too long, in my experience.

So in my fiction, the Master uses super-science and hyper-tech to whip up instant gratification from any and every lovely young lass whose ass he desires. This mass sex by the ton (if we weighed all of the dozens women and girls involved) is described in my story "The Master Hosts an Orgy: One Man & a Room Full of Women & Teens" where the Master has an orgy in his vast harem of women and teen girls.

How does that work for you, my readers? Do you prefer the long, hard slog of training a young bitch? Or are you with me on the sex rocket straight shooting straight ahead to instant sex?