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Story: She skipped school to bed her Dad

August 10, 2017
Posted at 10:30 pm

My story "Letter to Teacher: Please excuse daughter -- she's fucking her Dad" is unlike anything else I've published here at SOL. Not because it features incest: many of my stories do. Not because the man is much older than the girl: that's common in my stories, where the man enjoys sex with women and teens.

No, what's really different about this story is the reader response. I have been tracking downloads of each of my stories daily ever since I posted the first one in December 2016. Downloads are typically at their peak in the first day or two, then trail off at a fairly steady rate until they reach a baseline of a few downloads per day. (The baseline varies among stories - some stories have baselines an order of magnitude greater than others.)

Downloads for "Letter to Teacher: Please excuse daughter -- she's fucking her Dad" did trail off for a while in typical fashion, but then remained at a baseline that is much higher than I've ever seen before with a story that's more than a week old.

Will this continue? I don't know. But I'll be watching…

Email incest story

August 10, 2017
Posted at 12:13 am

I've been pleasantly surprised by the popularity and staying power of my story "Letter to Teacher: Please excuse daughter -- she's fucking her Dad". After 6 days on the list it had 4,000 downloads and ranked #5 on the Top 50 stories by weekly downloads. It's dropped a bit in the rankings since then, but its 6.30 reader score is still pretty good.

I've been working on a completely different story this past week. I had hoped to have it ready before now, but…you know how life is - one damned thing after another. With any luck, I should have the new story posted before this coming weekend.

Stay tuned!


August 7, 2017
Posted at 6:56 pm
Updated: August 7, 2017 - 7:07 pm

A couple of my stories involve people watching people having sex (and then joining in). My recent story "Letter to Teacher: Please excuse daughter -- she's fucking her Dad" is one such tale. Readers have certainly responded eagerly and positively to my little epistolary tale told through emails when a mother emails a school absence excuse about her daughter. The female teacher she sends it to is also the mother's bisexual lover. The reason for the daughter's absence? She's having sex with her Dad, who is her step-father. The teacher and mother exchange a series of emails about the situation, including details of the goings on when the mother joins her husband and daughter in bed. This story is sexual, humorous, and ready for a quick read with high arousal content.

Another story that begins with one person watching others have sex before joining in is "Watch Me Sodomize Yours Daughters, Bitch." In this 'family-oriented' story excerpted from "Welcome to My World" the Master kidnaps and enslaves a beautiful large-breasted blonde woman and her beautiful twin blonde teenaged daughters. He brings them to his secret domain and sexually exploits them for his pleasure. Unable to resist, they are compelled to fulfill his every desire, no matter how debased, dirty, and degrading. Here's part of the opening sequence of events, as told by the Master (suitably edited here so it all flows smoothly):

When I got home, I got undressed and entered naked into a room with the three blonde beauties, mother Barbara and the 14-year-old twins Sharon, and Helen. The young teens, wearing only their pink panties, clung to their mother in fear. I had released my suppression of their minds and emotions. Barbara, wearing a white bra and panties, had one arm wrapped around each girl. This caused her to lean forward slightly, exposing the cleavage of her enormous breasts inside her bra. Her topless teen daughters pressed their bare chests against their mother's side, covering their nipples. As they stood there sideways to my perspective, I assessed the size of the young teens' pure white buttocks. Sharon had a nice, round ass. It was not a true bubble butt, yet it had a relatively large size and shape that promised much fun for me. Helen's ass was a bit smaller, but not flat. Her hips were actually a trifle wider than her sister's, which made her buttocks broader as well. Both girls had good butts. I could work with them.

"Who are you?" Barbara said in a quavering voice. "How did we get here?"

Her eyes darted around the room. The ceiling was a single skylight, an expanse of translucent panels that admitted diffuse sunlight. The walls were cream colored, illuminated by sconces. Recessed indirect lighting was set between the translucent panels of the ceiling skylight. Along four walls, several large floor-to-ceiling photos were attached to wooden frames that extended several inches beyond the wall behind them. Each of the photos depicted one or more women and teen girls having sex with me. The floor was covered in a thick pearl grey carpet. A few couches, chairs, tables, and various cabinets were carefully arranged around the large room. An enormous bed stood against the far wall.

I smiled with the calm, leisurely gracefulness of a man in complete control. "Relax, bitch" I said. "Everything will become clear soon enough to you and your young cunt daughters. You'll see."

I walked toward them. All three backed away like frightened animals until I stopped them with a mental command. The distance between me and the cowering females was less than five feet. At my mental command, Barbara took her hands away from her daughters. She stood stock still, hands at her side. I had locked her body in place, but left her mind free for the moment. Barbara could see and hear, but not move. She could think and feel, but not do a thing about what she saw. She could moan and sigh, but not speak. The only muscles I allowed her to control were the ones on her face that expressed emotion. Barbara looked distressed at not being able to move or speak. I read her mind. She already understood that she was about to witness things that would probably horrify her. That was good. I wanted her to see and hear everything with crystal clarity. I wanted her to witness the utter degradation, abuse, and sexual exploitation I was about to inflict on her daughters. And then on her.

Young Sharon and Helen turned to face me. I had control of their minds, emotions, and bodies. I calmed the girls, making them feel suddenly comfortable and at ease. Standing naked before me, the pure white teens were unashamed. Their shapely pink nipples stood out proudly on their chests. Each girl retained just enough of her natural reactions that I could have a little fun with them. But neither girl had any desire or capacity to refuse my commands. I had blanked their ability or desire to resist. The beautiful, golden blonde, 14-year-old, sororal twin sisters had already been turned into helpless mind slaves. I looked at each girl in turn. "Hello Sharon. Hello Helen."

The little blondes smiled and bowed their pretty heads slightly. "Hello Master" they said in unison. "How may we serve you?"

I glanced at Barbara's face. She was horrified, just as I knew she would be. Her mind was racing, imagining what I might make her daughters do. I enjoyed watching her thoughts. It's very useful to see inside a bitch's mind when she conjures her fears or her desires. The two were always connected in some way. I took a quick inventory of Barbara's mental sex dungeon. I liked most of what I saw. Some of her fear-kinks were not to my liking. But she didn't even imagine how extreme some of my desires were. She'd soon find out.


Another story of watching sex and then having sex is my story "Watching Rape Porn with a Kidnapped Mother and Her Daughters" (which is part of my serial "Welcome to My World"). In this tale the Master takes 5 of his sex slaves into his large home theater room to watch porn videos (and have sex, of course). The story speaks for itself. In this blog post, I just want to set the stage and then ask you, my readers, a few questions. Here we go:

On the far wall of the room was a video screen the size of a double-garage door. The floor was thickly carpeted in deep blue. It sloped slightly toward the screen. The walls on the left and right sides of the room were lined with floor-to-ceiling wooden bookshelves of dark walnut. The contents of each shelf were illuminated by built-in lighting. All of the shelves were jam-packed full with slim, colorful, book-like items that appeared similar to DVD cases. Four long rows of couches faced the video screen. Each row consisted of several individual couches. Each couch was dark maroon in color, curved, and comfortably padded. A large bed, 20 feet long by 10 feet wide, stood at the back of the room to the right of the entry doorway.

[skipped text…]

At my mental command, the room lights dimmed and the gigantic video screen brightened. "Your next lesson will be about pornography. I have the largest collection of pornography of anyone. I have countless of thousands of hours of porn I acquired from old earth. I used my video editing systems to select only the cream of the crop. Only the best scenes from the best porn ever filmed. And to save my slaves from distress at seeing other men, I used special effects techniques to insert myself into every scene so I am only male in every film."

[skipped text…]

I continued speaking. "In addition to all the commercial porn I copied from old earth, I also have all the best illegal porn. I have copies of everything that was seized from criminals by all the earth's police forces. I copied it while it was still locked away in their secure evidence storage rooms. That's now all in my collection. Suitably edited, of course. I also copied all the illegal porn the cops never found. I edited that, too, to only show the scenes I like. And, as I mentioned before, my body and voice have been edited into all the videos. My bitches and I prefer it that way."

"Oh, yes Master" said young Connie. "I love watching you in porn."

"You are the best, Master" said Linda. "I love watching you fuck those bitches."

I went on. "Even the very best earth porn pales in comparison to what I produce right here in My World. I have superior technology. And I have more beautiful bitches. Lots and lots of them. I shoot ultra-high resolution video with crystal clear sound. My smart systems can even compile, edit, and produce porn video features while I sleep. I want to show you some samples."

It's fiction. I kid you not

August 6, 2017
Posted at 9:17 pm

I write a lot about kidnapping, rape, and enslavement of beautiful young white women and girls, such as in my story "My First Rape" and the tales that followed in its wake, "My Second Rape" and the re-written combination of the two "Diary of a Rapist." It's all fiction; I kid you not. For all of this to be an enjoyable read, though, I try to write it up as realistically as I can. Sometimes I include magical or, more often, science fictional elements. But my main goal is to write stroke stories that will make you raise the one-handed salute. To show you what I mean, here's the opening of "My First Rape":

I was determined to fuck a 14-year-old girl up the ass.

More than that, I wanted to own the bitch for good and all. Forever. Or for life, at least.

After months of careful planning and target selection, I was ready.

I had singled her out to be my first rape victim. Well, perhaps victim is the wrong word for it. The word "victim" suggests that she is being harmed in some way. That's not how I see it at all. From my perspective, I am doing this girl a favor. I was not going to simply rape her and then let her go. I was going to take her, and rape her, and enslave her, and keep her as my private property for the rest of her life. The young bitch would "enjoy" a life of sexual slavery inside my harem. Well, my future harem. This cunt would be the first of many. She had no idea yet how lucky she was!


When I re-wrote and combined "My First Rape" and "My Second Rape" into the single story "Diary of a Rapist", I created a different opening:

"I am not a bad man. I am kind to small children and animals. I am good to my mother. I give to charities. I pay my taxes. All in all, I am an upstanding and law-abiding citizen. Except for one thing. One rather small, inconsequential thing.

I am a rapist. A kidnapper and rapist. A rapist who captures his victims, uses them sexually in the most depraved and degrading ways, and then enslaves them for life. I use these cunt slaves in ways that no sane woman would ever consent to voluntarily.

And not just adult women. Girls, too. Girls as young as 14-years-old. Why limit myself to 14-year-olds? Because the first girl I ever saw naked when I was a teenager was that age. As a slave-owner, I had considered going younger than that by two, or four, or six years. But then I thought better of it. I decided that the age of 14 years is my lower limit for rape and slavery.

Women and girls would normally resist me. They would refuse to do what I demand. But I take care of that little thing. Their resistance. I eliminate it. Along with their free will. And their freedom. I convert them into brainwashed sex slaves who are incapable of refusing me anything. No sex act is too degrading for them, or too humiliating, or too painful, or too disgusting for them to perform. When I command my slaves, they must comply with my wishes. They have no choice; no capacity to resist. Each and every one of my wishes becomes the law of their lives. My sex slaves could no more resist my wishes than they could fly. My merest wishes are like the heavy boot of gravity pushing their beautiful faces into the mud of my dirty desires.

When they look up from that mud, their pretty white faces soiled with brown cakes of mud, they smile. They thank me for using them. That's the other part. I make the bitches feel happy when they please me. Following my commands gives them satisfaction. A good sex slave loves her Master, the man who is her Owner. My slaves worship and adore me. They always thank me for using them.

You see, I don't simply rape a woman and then let her go. Oh, no, no. That would be too dangerous for me, and not nearly as satisfying. When I kidnap and rape a woman or girl, I do it for good. I keep her forever. For life. She becomes my permanent, full-time slave property.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. I haven't told you yet how I came to this happy estate of life as the Owner of beautiful female sex slaves. It wasn't easy. It took a lot of hard work, much careful planning, some strategic cooperation with likeminded men, and a hell of a lot of money."

My epistolary incest story

August 5, 2017
Posted at 11:14 pm
Updated: August 5, 2017 - 11:46 pm

Stories told via an exchange of letters (in some form) are at least as old as "Dracula" (1897) by Bram Stoker and as new as "World War Z" (2006) by Max Brooks. My story "Letter to Teacher: Please excuse daughter -- she's fucking her Dad" is one such tale. (By the way, the awkwardness of the title wording is due to the 64 characters+spaces limit imposed by SOL. It was the best I could manage under that constraint.) The literary virtues of the epistolary story form are explained as follows on Wikipedia:

An epistolary novel is a novel written as a series of documents. The usual form is letters, although diary entries, newspaper clippings and other documents are sometimes used. Recently, electronic "documents" such as recordings and radio, blogs, and e-mails have also come into use. The word epistolary is derived from Latin from the Greek word ἐπιστολή epistolē, meaning a letter (see epistle).

The epistolary form can add greater realism to a story, because it mimics the workings of real life. It is thus able to demonstrate differing points of view without recourse to the device of an omniscient narrator.

Readers have certainly responded eagerly and positively to my little epistolary tale told through emails when a mother emails a school absence excuse about her daughter. The female teacher she sends it to is also the mother's bisexual lover. The reason for the daughter's absence? She's having sex with her Dad, who is her step-father. The teacher and mother exchange a series of emails about the situation, including details of the goings on when the mother joins her husband and daughter in bed. This story is sexual, humorous, and ready for a quick read with high arousal content.