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Posting first versions of early work

April 30, 2018
Posted at 2:40 pm

Began rewriting my early works in between the commission and other work to a better quality, and so far also added extra to three short ebooks.

It's something I had planned for a long time and finally get some time for, and it was badly needed.

As I'm going through the list I'll post original versions of these stories, not neccessary the ones I'm working on though.

I'll post some of Monster Tales first while I'm working on Abandoned with the Enemy, which has already gained a chapter in length while rewriting just the first two chapters. :-)

Upcoming story announcement

February 18, 2018
Posted at 5:51 am

Sometimes my mind manages to cough up a basic plot right away at a story request.
So now I'm currently working on a public commission about the children from Huskies From Hell growing up and finding out just how close they are.

Progress can be followed at before I'm posting it completely here.

For those interested, published the paranormal erotic romance Henrick and the Ghost Maid yesterday ( with a preview at


February 12, 2018
Posted at 12:01 pm

*See previous post** and substitute the category*** for best erotic humour (hah, joke's on you, there's no sex in it, and how could I describe a virtual foursome between a weresheep and werewolf in their different states), and best furry/best zoo**** (don't know about best, but put all my stories together and it's a zoo, just ask some of the characters), it'll save me time to retype the whole thing.


***This also includes any future nomination category in the official and unofficial list, and any changes in the past made by my time travelling fans in future, current, past, and parallel times, up to and including this and other known and unknown dimensions. Future results are no guarantee for past performance. Keep away from children and stand clear from pregnant women and other offspring producing biological and carbon based lifeforms.

****At least, I thinks it's best zoo, but since it's written best furry/best/zoo, maybe they do mean best furry, best best, and best zoo.
Wow, nomimated for best best story. That's even goodier*****.

*****I miss the category of seriously deranged authors****** though, where's that?

******For very broad definition of authors*******.

*******What the heck, let's just add one more footnote.

Unexpected surprise nomination

February 10, 2018
Posted at 9:14 am

As if there's an expected surprise..
Anyways, I saw I was nominated for best erotic fantasy story with Winter Warmth for the Clitorides Awards.
That's so cool, so thanks to all the people who nominated me. You two are the greatest! I mean it.

It's a fierce competition and it will be a close race to the bottom, but I'm confident me wroting skils and unrivaled fantasmalogical imaginamation will be the deciding factor into reaching that oh so envied position by many perver-I mean, writers in this world.

Of course this monstrous epic adventure with its massive cast, amazing vistas, and complex plot with tight suspension, thigh slapping humour, butterfly fluttering stomach romance, exciting thrills, heart rendering tragedy, and panty gushing steamy hot, deep and toe curling making-your-frigid-mother-in-law-utter-primordial-moans erotic intimacy didn't write itself in a day.
I had to hit keys on a keyboard with fingers for at least three days, and even put them in the right order.

I couldn't have done this alone, so I want to thank the following persons and objects before they start complaining about being left out and post even nastier tweets than Trump.
My dear mother, who dropped me on my head as a baby. And again just last week.
My dear father, whoever that jerk is.
The benevolent, infinetly loving, and omnipotent God, Bacchus. I remember his wise words well when he appeared to me in my hour of need, "Whazzhey! Gimmbak m' bozzle ya furzen' summabizh!".
Thinking back, it could also have been the wino at the back of the liquor store. I'm a bit hazy on that.
I certainly want to thank my laptop, which bravely stored the filth I collected over the years, and my visual reference materials from the internet.
Then the wonderful members of the furry, manga, and midget & horse community, who selflessly provided said visual reference materials.
Stephen King, whose writing advice in his book On Writing was indispensable and whose stories were vital to put me to sleep.
The great folks here at what's-this-site, who've been graciously honoured by me to allow my literary masterpieces be experienced and worshipped by the humble peasants visiting here.
And last but not least, my future ex-wife Kittypet for believing in me and encouraging me in my new direction in life.
And she makes a damn fine sammich.

I shall forever hold this nomination close to my heart and give it a promiment place on the attic shelf with the rest of the gifts that I couldn't exchange without a receipt.

Thank you!




Now, who do I need to bribe to get that award?

New story out: A Plush Wish

January 14, 2018
Posted at 8:34 am

To mark reaching 500 followers on Literotica I posted an exclusive anthro story there (and published the improved ebook on Amazon in the meantime).

It's about a plush wolf granted temporary life to find the thing that makes her owner Petro happy.
(romance, fantasy, and a bit of erotica)

Thinking now to do the same for when I reach a goal here, but I don't know what yet. Downloads, votes, added to readers libraries?