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November 13, 2017
Posted at 11:52 pm

Hey y'all. For various real life reasons, I think I need to take a bit of a break from writing the sorts of stories I put up on here.

I do have all the remaining chapters of The Runaway scheduled, so those should post without any problem. And the next story in the I, Newbie series is scheduled for Friday.

This is just a short moratorium on writing. I am still going to be checking back and reading feedback, so I'd still love to hear what you think. I do read everything that comes into my inbox, and I try to respond to as much of it as I can (if maybe a little delayed).

Thanks, as always, for reading. I hope you enjoy what I have scheduled, and hopefully it's not too long a hiatus.


November 6, 2017
Posted at 10:02 pm

The "I, Newbie" series largely predicates on the existence of Body Replacement Technology*, which gives people the ability to well, replace their bodies, just like it says on the tin.

As is touched on in the story, people of course come up with slang terms to describe people who replace their bodies (and therefore, those who don't), some of them kind and some of them not. The example in the title, "newbie" is the obvious one; I've kind of co-opted "newbie" and "oldbie", also kind of punning off of that "b" being short for "body" (a "new-b" is someone with a "new body").

Beyond that, I struggle a little with coming up with good slang terms that seem halfway reasonable. In particular, the main character of the "I, Newbie" series has changed sex from male to female, and I'm trying to come up with a better term than just "sex-swapper"-and, if I'm honest, both a polite term and a derogatory term.

I'd like to avoid slurs that already are real slurs, and I'm willing to sacrifice a little realism there. I may renege on that at some point, though.

Anyway, the real point is: I wouldn't mind getting some help from the community in coming up with slang terms for people in the "I, Newbie" universe. Doesn't just have to be sex-swappers; if you come up with a good term for some other sort of thing (e.g. a race-swapper, or a woman who goes from ugly to pretty, or other stuff like that), I'd like to know. Do you have any good ideas?


(As always, no promises that I'll use anything, but I like hearing ideas, because even when I don't use them, they help me develop mine own as well)

* While doing a sci-fi story that delves into how it works and that sort of thing would be cool, I don't intend on doing much more than hand-waving with that bit. Sorry.

Now for Something Completely Different

November 3, 2017
Posted at 8:39 pm

I've posted a new story, "I, Newbie: Transformation". It's a little outside of my usual sort of thing, but I thought it was an interesting idea that I want to play with a little.

My general plan is to make this part of a series of shorter stories, each focusing on a particular story arc. I debated for a while just making it a single serial story, but I don't really know where I'm going with it; and I think of it more like just a series of things in the main character's life, now that she's gotten a replacement body. Also, I want to feel like I can stop writing entries in the series without abandoning it, like I would with a serial.

So think of it more like a TV series, where each story is an episode (except that it'll take a couple of episodes to establish the cast, because I'm ridiculously verbose).

I've already started poking at the next story in the series, and when I post that is when I'll get all of the series chrome set up.

As for schedule, I'll stick to a Monday-Wednesday schedule with The Runaway until I'm done with that. While that's still going on, I'll reserve my other stories for Fridays. Once that's done, then I won't follow any particular schedule for anything else; it'll depend on when I finish things and have time to post them.

Anyway, do let me know what you think of I, Newbie so far; I do read all feedback, and I'm curious what people think. And if it's not your cup of tea, no worries; it's a bit of an esoteric concept, I know.

As always, thanks for reading!

Halloween in St. Louis

October 31, 2017
Posted at 7:40 pm

It's pretty much a coincidence that I posted a Halloween-mentioning chapter of The Runaway right before Halloween. I didn't plan that at all.

I did want to say that what they mention about trick-or-treating in St. Louis is, in fact, true: when trick-or-treaters come to your door, they're expected to tell a joke before getting any candy. Nearly all of the time, they're bad pun jokes or something like that.

For example:

"What kind of bees make milk?"
"Boo bees!"

(I actually did get that one a few years ago).

It's a fun and silly tradition, and one of the things I like about St. Louis. So if you happen to be around in the day of masks and gowns, make sure you have a joke to tell!


October 27, 2017
Posted at 2:16 pm

Because some of you asked nicely (and I'm at home sick today), I've posted another chapter of The Runaway. I don't know if M/W/F is going to be a common thing at all, but it is a thing this week.

Let me know what you think!