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I try to not take things too personal

October 21, 2017
Posted at 6:57 pm
Updated: October 21, 2017 - 7:43 pm

Feedback is wonderful

And terrible.

But truly appreciated.

I have no illusions, there is no way I can please everyone. Just like I do not like much of the stuff on the site, why should everyone like my tail/tales. So low votes and comments about how I should do x instead of Y I can usually handle.


I'm a softie, really want everyone to be happy. But, know that I am doing the best I can.

I cannot go any faster. I have 2 options, don't post until done, or release a few chapters a month. I've chosen the later, figuring those that don't want it that way will wait until that complete flag hits. Maybe I'm wrong.

And I know, everyone has their favorites, and with my ADHD type interests, sometimes I am deep in a story that interests me and not updating what someone wants. Like I mentioned in my last blog, I do what interests me most at the time, otherwise the writing starts to feel forced.

That being said, my sensitive soul heard a complaint about how I don't update often or fast enough, and so I just wanted to check - as I was feeling quite the opposite lately.

I did not go all the way back, as much from March - June was so backlog of stories that just needed editting, it was not NEW efforts.

June/July - 19 chapters of Maeson's Assistant - 90-100k words

August - 6 chapters of the Camp J, 3 on Mystique, 4 on the new Notebook, and 1 Robin Loving Family. 14 chapters

September - 6 chapters of Notebook - took two or three weeks off I know, was not a good time, but at least Notebook kept going

October - feeling better again, 4 new chapters in Niki and Max (more to cmome), 3 more Robin Family, 5 Notebook, 6 chapters for Games 3, 1 new Camp J - Wow, 19 chapters, 100k words at least, and I still have a week !

So, maybe it was just September. It was slow for me, I did not write much, but that happens.

Hopefully you continue to like my stories, and while I know it would be great if I just did one at a time, well, my interests are varied, and I just cant. Sometimes the tail has to wag in Niki's back yard, or Robin has to visit thebeach, or Becca needs to be visited at the camp.

Here's hoping you still enjoy what I can get posted.


Update - ongoing stories are frustrating I know

October 9, 2017
Posted at 2:57 pm

I find myself considering how best to address the 5 or 6 open story lines, all equally interesting to me, and can never seem to come up with anything better than:

Write what's interesting at the moment.

So I do.

I have considered not publishing anything but complete stories, or to only share one 'ongoing' story at a time, but it's just not the way my writing works.

For some stories, I have writing partners that keep things moving along nicely (Maeson's Assistant and the Notebook are good examples for one such person, while the Robin Family saga has been going on the longest with another writer altogether). So at a minimum, those two stories will get chapter updates as I hit likely breakpoints in their development.

Other stories started that way, but have become something that only I (Tailweaver) continue - and those are the ones that I rotate along as best I can. I know folks want more Niki and Max, and more Camp, and more Katie and Bree (I don't get a ton of email, but each of those have had more than one pleading entreaty).

So, the ongoing serials will continue as best they can (Notebook and Robin) while I work on getting the rest of the stories to their conclusion, working towards major breakpoints (like the week one ending of Camp J).

To that end, The next 3 chapters of Robin's loving family will be coming as soon as they leave the competent hands of RandyRob, Chapter 16 of the Notebook of Dr E is nearing completion, and I will be posting the long awaited Games 3 this week - 6 chapters, so short in comparison, but quite enjoyable I hope.

Camp J is getting my attention starting today - unless things change of course, and Niki and Max or Katie begin their siren call - I am very interested in seeing what happens to Becca next....

Hope you all continue to enjoy, and nothing like a 9 or 10 chapter week to keep folks tuned :)


Summer time blues

September 25, 2017
Posted at 11:03 am

Been a bit of a mess around here lately, and the creative juices were not flowing very well - still have some Notebook chapters coming this week.

Very close to finishing Games 3 - which is good for those fans, but more important for the Camp fans -- meaning - I will get back to writing the wonders of summer camp life in the low mountains of california.

I had hoped to be done with Games by now, but hit a wall, and nothing moved for a couple weeks - I think things are moving in the ol writer's den, so hang tight.

I am glad folks are interested, and anxious for more - I try to take breaks from stories to recharge my ideas - though I can see how that is irritating for those on hiatus while I finish up something else.

Niki/Max have 2-3 chapters coming if I ever get around to it again...


August 24, 2017
Posted at 4:54 pm

Fans of some of the earlier stories, rejoice.

More Niki and Max is on its way, broke through a bit of writers block and have a few chapters getting cleaned up.

Games 1 and 2, oddly my highest rated, if somewhat tamer stories, is getting a Game 3 -- 3 chapters in and having way too much fun, um, writing.

Of course more Notebook, Mystique and Robin are always coming - the three being weekly/daily worked on with my writing partners...


August 23, 2017
Posted at 5:44 pm

Normally I get zero feedback. Today, with the very brief starts to a couple new ideas I've been working on, I had 4 or 5 comments. Just wanted to share a couple thoughts.

1) My stories tend to start slow, then get rather far out. Bad for the stroke meisters, and probably bad for the folks that only want slow...but, many are like that -- look at Robin's loving family. Starts pretty slow, but by chapter 32, things are beyond nuts. It's fun. Realistic? Hell no. Fear not though, I mark the stories with Much sex, because, by the time I get to midpoint, there will be much sex. Sorry, usually put up 5 chapters, only got the first ones in yesterday. More coming today.

2) Anyone catching typos/commas etc are more than welcome to send feedback, I can always throw it at my overworked editor and yell :) Seriously, things get missed, and what seems obvious to me is often not, I get that.

3) I am not going for realistic premises. Just fun ideas/stories. I know there is no formula, or a camp like Camp J, or a brother like Max, or a family like Jax/Sam/Robin.

Maybe I should put a warning - do not try this at home, it's completely bonkers :)

Those that commented that they just wanted more...stay tuned. More coming today/tomorrow, and I am actively writing more.