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TailWeaver: Blog

Niki and Max

January 20, 2018
Posted at 11:20 am

While the Notebook is at the editor, and a few revisions are being made, I dusted off the tails of Niki and Max and gave it some much needed attention.

In doing so, I realized I did not like how the split between home and school was working out - it was a good idea at first, so that those who liked the exhibition at school could skip the four footed play at home, but it felt a bit arbitrary, and clunky. So, going to re-edit and chapter-ize (new word, sue me) Home and school life into additional chapters in New life. The next real break will be when their parent's get back, and at that point will likely carve off a Niki's Family Life.

So, not sure how it will work to delete what's there, but as I get it all reeditted for continuity and republished, there will be frequent amount of updates.

And 5 chapters of Notebook are still coming.

Notebook finally coming to a theater near you, well, a browser

January 18, 2018
Posted at 4:30 pm

Just sent 5 chapters to the editor, should be a few days at most.

Added another Camp J chapter while you wait.

Need a way to vote - debating about whether it accelerated too much, or just right after a long build up.

Tail wagging weaver

Happy new year

January 5, 2018
Posted at 11:07 am

Hope everyone is enjoying the latest updates. Just posted 2 more chapters of Camp J - each of them almost 2 chapters of my usual size - 17k words instead of 10k or something like that - just did not have good breaking points around 5k :)

Note on updates

I usally work on one solo story at the same time the ones I have writing partners

For instance, right now that means:

Notebook and Robin's Family continue on whatever pace Maeson, Jax and I get things moving -

Camp J, or Niki and Max, or Games, or anything new - as I get free time.

That's why a lot of Camp lately, and no Niki/Max - they will be coming when I get to a spot I envision in the camp.

Other's asking about Mystique - or Niki at Home - that's the hold up.

Those wanting more Notebook or Robin - doing the best I can - they are still being actively written, just not to a release point yet.

Especially Notebook - probably have another 2 chapters in length, but it's multiple storylines and we need to bring everyone back together before publishing.

Thanks as always, glad some folks continue to enjoy my tail/tales that I weave.


Some delay

December 16, 2017
Posted at 10:21 am

Between Holidays, Travel, End of year Work urgency, and a bit of fatigue, am pausing updates for a while.

There are chapters of Camp, Notebook and Robin all in the hopper/editting phase, but I have decided to wait until significant plot points before posting - especially Camp - if i released the 2 chapters right now, there would be screaming and wailing and nashing of teeth. It needs one more good chapter to feel like I did not leave you completely hanging.

So, will make some noise before beginning the updates again, likely sometime in January - enjoy the holidays, I know I will!

Improbable, Over the top

October 31, 2017
Posted at 5:39 pm

Just in case you had any illusions - Niki, or Robin, or Abby or anyone has no realistic basis - they are all figments of my imagination - in a world as improbable as our - with little consequences for exposure, or unprotected sex. Submission to secret carnal desires and addictions is a common theme through all my stories, whether it's Niki and the attention of her pack, or the school that allows her to act in a way that would never happen, or Game playing Niki that gives in far too readily to her urges, to Robin's blithe acceptance of anything her brother says, to Alex's willingness to go along with the program at Mystique to, well, you get the picture I hope....and my love affair for long drawn out sentences that send RR into convulsions.

My only defense -- I was rambling. So there. Besides, Becca is visiting a camp that could never exist, but boy would it be fun if there was...