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August 23, 2017
Posted at 5:44 pm

Normally I get zero feedback. Today, with the very brief starts to a couple new ideas I've been working on, I had 4 or 5 comments. Just wanted to share a couple thoughts.

1) My stories tend to start slow, then get rather far out. Bad for the stroke meisters, and probably bad for the folks that only want slow...but, many are like that -- look at Robin's loving family. Starts pretty slow, but by chapter 32, things are beyond nuts. It's fun. Realistic? Hell no. Fear not though, I mark the stories with Much sex, because, by the time I get to midpoint, there will be much sex. Sorry, usually put up 5 chapters, only got the first ones in yesterday. More coming today.

2) Anyone catching typos/commas etc are more than welcome to send feedback, I can always throw it at my overworked editor and yell :) Seriously, things get missed, and what seems obvious to me is often not, I get that.

3) I am not going for realistic premises. Just fun ideas/stories. I know there is no formula, or a camp like Camp J, or a brother like Max, or a family like Jax/Sam/Robin.

Maybe I should put a warning - do not try this at home, it's completely bonkers :)

Those that commented that they just wanted more...stay tuned. More coming today/tomorrow, and I am actively writing more.


New Chapters and Stories going up

August 22, 2017
Posted at 9:55 pm

Expect a few chapters this week, finally got the two new stories to an OK initial look stage - Camp JungenNackt and the Lost Notebook of Doctor 'E'.

Another chapter of Mystique is up, and two more at the editor (poor guy)

Another Robin and Jax coming....paving the way for the next Bree and Katie tale.


Story update

August 2, 2017
Posted at 1:41 pm

Well, it's been a bit, am sure you thought I'd forgotten all about you.

Just submiited chapter 31 for Robin's Loving Family, am sure fans will enjoy what the girls are up to.

Niki and Max are still on hold while I get a couple other things completed. The problem is -- too many good ideas. Not enough feedback demanding more, so I go where my mind goes :)

Another Mystique chapter is coming this week.

A couple new stories are reaching the critical intitial post phase (I like to have 15-25k words done before posting), but here's a couple synopsis...maybe it will make someone beg...I like begging....no..no...I really don't...well...:)

Tucked away in the hills above Grass Valley CA sits a summer camp that has stood for one hundred years. Attended by the children of a select set of families whose membership was passed down through the years, Camp JugendNackt strives to give their campers a solid foundation to survive a world filled with oppressive and incorrect ideas about what it means to be 'proper'. Becca was on her way to her first summer at the camp, a last minute addition, and the paperwork had been a bit rushed.

Alex's blended family got along as best as could be expected, though after his father passed, things were never quite the same. Still, he loved his sisters, and step-mother, though, as he got older, he wished they gave him a little more respect. He was not a child anymore. Neither were the experiments he was doing based on that old notebook he found.


July 6, 2017
Posted at 2:20 pm

As you may have noticed, I have numerous interests, resulting in numerous stories, all going 'on' at the same time.

I have not heard much feedback on being too damn slow, or too damn fast (hah), so I guess folks are Ok - waiting for the updates on their favorite stories while I work on other tail/tales. Of course, those who like ALL the stories are likely the happiest.

In any event, on with the updates. Maeson's Assistant Book 1 is now prepped, and in the hands of the editor, another 5 chapters going up today. It ended up to be 19 rather than 20 chapters, but a couple were longish -- just did not have a good breaking point.

Robin and Jax will get another 5 chapters up very soon, just finishing chapter 30. Still not a GREAT breaking point, but folks have waiting long enough.

Brand new story is in Chapter 3, not even to the editor yet, I want it to get through 3 or 4, if not 5 chapters before letting you guys chime in on my latest idea.

Niki and Max Home/School days is next for attentions, once the new story hits a good break point, followed by Katie and Bree.

Chuck and the exhibitionistic Niki that played games will get a look some day - still one the highest rated of my stories, so I know folks liked them, just need a good 'new' twist. Feel free to share ideas, as you know I work with a couple other writers on Jax and Maeson stories, and in the beginning at least, Max helped me with the original Tail/Tale story :)

New Story - Maeson's Assistant - and some musings

June 30, 2017
Posted at 12:50 pm

Wow, looks like Maeson's Assistant resonated with folks. In a lot of libraries very quickly.

Made me wonder though, why that one and Robin/Jax, but not Max and Niki

They are all reasonably well liked, perhaps Max/Niki too much for some folks, keeping the numbers down... But they are written about as well as the others, I think, and yet Max/Niki always gets a stray 3 or 4 level vote cast, lowering the numbers, and Maeons's, and say, the Niki Games ones, do not.

Just a curiosity. I will continue to write where my interests lead me, and it's obvious I have varied interests, from best/ws to soft bdsm to simple exy/voy games....it's all fun...even if I end up a bit bruised.

Glad folks are enjoying it. Book one is done (have an idea for Book to of Maeson/Kimber, but it's still percolating) - so will get the other 15-20 chapters up as reasonably soon as possible...can't overwork Randy Rob (my erstwhile editor)