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Niki and Max Return

June 24, 2017
Posted at 3:44 pm

Finally got some non Robin and Jax things up for you to enjoy - Niki's going to split time between the Home and School stories, in case there are readers that like the Niki Games stories, but not the kennel centric Niki Descent --- Home life will be similar to Descent and New life, but School life will have much less of the roughest stuff -- though plenty of embarassing exposures for our favorite lass.

Next up - new story Maeson's Assistant - 5 chapters incoming - will see how folks like it before continuing -- and more Niki - and more Robin - as well as a visit back to Mystique.

Note - stay tuned for my newest, still in the incubator story - Camp JugenNackt - not your average summer camp. Becca is going to be getting an education it looks like, weill let you know when it reaches the critical 4-6 chapter complete stage (around 1.5 as I write this).

As always, drop me a note, it's always returned, and I like hearing your favorite stories or scenes...and look forward to your inevitable corrections (I try, but, some errors always make it through!)

Question on Chapter Length

June 2, 2017
Posted at 9:03 pm

Just curious - are the chapters too long? Would it be better to be 1/2 the size and have more frequent updates?

I 'aim' for around 5000 words or 10 pages in a google doc. Some are longer, a couple are shorter, but in general, 4800-5200 words and 9-12 pages.

Sometimes, I really want to post, but, am only 1/2 way there -- need to let the story percolate and grow, and then give you something big enough to sit back and enjoy!


Busy Week!

June 1, 2017
Posted at 9:35 pm

Its odd how things seem to happen in short bursts of activity. I tend to toil away, thinking deep thoughts, and cleaning/editting old stories, waiting for the muse to strike, or at least the 'urge'. Then, suddenly, a burst of creativity rushes forth.

Got some more stories about Katie and her sister Bree - things are looking quite interesting there.

Robin and Jax have another 6 chapters being painstakingly editted by the Randy Rob man.. increasing the overall size of the story by 50%. I still have quite a lot of notes yet on my collobaration with the devious Mr Jax.

Reposted cleaned up versions of all of Max and Niki now -- not that it helps those of you that already read them, and rolled their eyes at my run on sentences, and comma (commadic? oi!) frency.....but at least new readers should have a slightly easier time of it.

Finally, 2 more chapters are getting prepped for my reviewer -- I swear Niki has more troubles at school than any girl I know....smh


Enjoy, feel free to drop a line...

Bree and Katie

May 13, 2017
Posted at 6:43 pm

After poring through the hundreds of replies, requesting Niki and Max, or Robin and Jax, or more about Katie, or Mystique, the results are in.

With a sum total of 2, Bree and Katie are getting some much needed attention.

No real ETA yet, but I've laid out the plot for the two sisters, and their friends.

Note _ I know folks don't like to write/comment - wish I could have votes, be easier -- I look at two things -- the requests (like now) and the story stats -- Robin and Jax still get the most reads, though Niki and Max seem to have some rabid followers, they will both continue to get my attentions, but I intend to honor my pledge and at least show what come's next for Bree and her sister Katie.

A new Chapter for Niki and Max

May 10, 2017
Posted at 12:05 pm

Been a bit busy, cleaned up more of Robin and got that out there, as well as couple chapters of Mystique -- not that anyone was BEGGING or anything...

With the help of the mighty RRob, got a new chapter of Niki and Max up - diverging the home and school lives as things are going to get rougher at home in some ways...did not want to scare away those that liked the school side of the story.

Enjoy! Don't hesitate to write and give me a hard time...it's nice to hear from those that do take the time.