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Robin's Loving Family

April 7, 2018
Posted at 3:33 pm

Due to the evolution of the story and new codes being introduced, I split Robin's Loving Family into two parts, adding one new chapter (chapter 3), the last two chapters of Book 1 were moved over for continuity purposes

If you are a fan of Robin's Family, be sure and check the codes on the new story, I have heard horror stories of suprised readers turning on authors and burning them at the stake.

March update and a couple of questions

March 26, 2018
Posted at 5:00 pm

Just posted a couple more chapters of Robin's loving family, Jax and I continue to have fun putting the poor girl through her paces. 38 chapters of paces so far - coming up on 200,000 words - that's crazy!

The other ongoing serial with Maeson - The lost Notebook of Doctor E, is wrapping up soon( at least Book 1) and the final chapter or two should be at the editors this week.

I've recently found another excellent writer to collaborate with, and I hope to begin sharing a new story or two with everyone, assuming the story turns out as well as I think it will.

That leaves with my true solo efforts. Having recently finished up the second book in Niki and Max's life, I took a break for a bit - I had gotten really intense as I finished up the last chapters. It took longer than I expected to get to a nice resolution -there was always one more scene, one more chapter.

But the break is over, and between starting the Niki's Family Life (her parents coming home), Week 3 of Camp Jugennacht, or returning to Mystique or Missy Katie's Submission, there's frankly too many choices. It's often overwhelming. I even have another idea for the Games: series, though it's not quite fully baked yet. Something about a rather different sort of tupperware party.

This probably was worse before, as the Niki and Max story was in that mix. But I've recently decided to at least TRY to get each of my on going stories to more concrete stopping points, book endings rather than just chapter endings. First up is Camp J, I think, I want to get through week 3 and see what you all think.

That being said, the muse strikes where it will, and I may find one of the others calling to me, demanding their own attention.

Now, to the question I wanted to ask.

Question 1: Much Sex or Stroke Story or something less.

For something like Robin's family, which has descended into wall to wall sexual shenanigans - Stroke Story seemed appropriate. Even if it took a long build up in the beginning.

Conversely, Maeson's assistant. 18 chapters long I think, and there was no full on sex until the end, but I still called it Much Sex due to the other activities going on.

Similarly with Camp -- Becca is yet to have intercourse, loving or otherwise, and it's chapter 16. But there's a lot of other things going on -- so again..Much sex?

Concern is : I often have a lengthy build up, with hints or foreplay or other things sexual -- is that still much sex? I think so, but I'm obviously biased.

Question 2:

Best way to handle a story that started out purely m/f but the longer it goes, the more it seems that a realistic expansion is to include some m/m, though it's not the core of the story. It is feeling fake, for example, in the Camp Story to have them embracing everything BUT m/m sex. They are supposed to be helping kids accept their bodies and their sexuality -- but not that percent of people that are not hetero (or cis or whatever it's called these days) - except girls of course, that's ok. Not.

I know I would likely lose some readers, and I guess that's ok, sad to me, but ok. But am trying to figure out how to warn people -- sure the code can be added. Was planning on an author's note at the start of the first chapter where the new code would take place, and in one story - where it truly is an offshoot and not likely to occur - give them a summary and a chapter guide on how to skip -- but in the case of Camp, where it will continue to be described/occur even if not the center of the story (it is after all about Becca, not the boys who like Cat Cabin instead of Dog or Dragon - for example) - I was thinking just letting people know and wishing them well if they leave for now.

Not all my stories would suddenly be all genders all the time - Maeson's assistant likely never will. But it's a new day folks, and I found myself struggling with my decision to not include it, simply because some people don't like it, or (perhaps just as much of a reason) - I don't know much about it and am afraid I would not do it justice.

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this. I honestly am curious what you think, but please let me know, in your answers, which of my stories you like the most, and if it would cause you to abandon them, or just skim over parts, etc…. Mystique is an example of a story that is likely to have much more than any of the others, but as you can see i've stalled in that one to, for much the same reasons.



February 17, 2018
Posted at 3:57 pm

First Four new chapters for Niki's New Life are up, finally. I know I have been promising. Another four on their way this week.

Also a new Robin and Jax - which has turned into a bit of a crazy romp, but I know you all enjoy it - at least it still get's downloaded a lot!


Niki and Max Update in progress

February 11, 2018
Posted at 11:56 am

Those that are anxiously awaiting the 6 new chapters - they will begin at chapter 19.

The reeditted chapters are going online now, currently done with Descent, and up to chapter 8 in New life.

All of the Home and School life chapters were cleaned up, timelines fixed, and merged into Chapters 8 through 18 of New Life. 19 and onwards will be the last days before their parents come back and change the dynamics.

Niki and Max Update

February 9, 2018
Posted at 11:05 am

Oof, that took some doing. Finally the reorganized and re-editted chapters of Niki's Descent, New, Home and School Life are at my primary editor. Those 25 chapters will now just be in two stories, Descent and New Life. 5 new chapters are also in the hopper, taking us up until the final 2 days before the parents return. That story will be told in Niki's Family Life, once the final days of debauchery are written.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy what is probably my favorite story, though you know I love all my worlds, from the Camp, to the Notebook, to Robin and Becca and, well, all of them!