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Bree and Katie

May 13, 2017
Posted at 6:43 pm

After poring through the hundreds of replies, requesting Niki and Max, or Robin and Jax, or more about Katie, or Mystique, the results are in.

With a sum total of 2, Bree and Katie are getting some much needed attention.

No real ETA yet, but I've laid out the plot for the two sisters, and their friends.

Note _ I know folks don't like to write/comment - wish I could have votes, be easier -- I look at two things -- the requests (like now) and the story stats -- Robin and Jax still get the most reads, though Niki and Max seem to have some rabid followers, they will both continue to get my attentions, but I intend to honor my pledge and at least show what come's next for Bree and her sister Katie.

A new Chapter for Niki and Max

May 10, 2017
Posted at 12:05 pm

Been a bit busy, cleaned up more of Robin and got that out there, as well as couple chapters of Mystique -- not that anyone was BEGGING or anything...

With the help of the mighty RRob, got a new chapter of Niki and Max up - diverging the home and school lives as things are going to get rougher at home in some ways...did not want to scare away those that liked the school side of the story.

Enjoy! Don't hesitate to write and give me a hard time...it's nice to hear from those that do take the time.

Thank the FSM for editors

April 27, 2017
Posted at 10:48 am

Finally slowed down long enough to begin to work with a couple of editors - I hate to overload anyone - and being such an impetuous sort, when I start something, I want it now (sorry!)

Even though I force myself to reread before posting, I never do a good enough job, way too eager to get the story out there, get some feedback (yeah, right!) and move on --- so I had been meaning to get/find an editor who at least tolerated my style....

Will let you know, the first wave of edits are coming in on the Robin story, once it's done, will ask you all how we did, and give the poor unthanked souls their kudos (Suppose I should ask them first, eh?)


April 8, 2017
Posted at 1:07 pm

It's always hard to judge what to write next, unless of course I am totally on a roll, as recently happened with the last two chapters of Niki and Max.

Since there seems to be limited feedback - just the nature of things I guess, the closest I can get to is looking at how many of each story are in people's library. Based on that, it looks like Robin is way more popular than I thought, though, there are passionate Max fans, and one very ardent fan of the Games adventures -- and yet another begging to find out more about Bree and Katie.

My point - barring some sort of voting being added to this, I will primarily - write what is inspiring me, or, if ambivalent, what I am getting the most feedback/library pics for.

Enjoy. Note, I have varied interests, completely new type of story posted today - Mystique.

A note on style

March 23, 2017
Posted at 1:39 pm

I tend to have a lot of internal dialogue/thoughts for my characters, and I've played around with various ways to 'show' that, italicizing thoughts, putting 'blah blah blah' Niki thought, etc...and never really liked any of it -- so, the current mishmash of plot, description, speaking, and internal thought is what seems to work. Though, if someone has a good idea on how better to dilineate stream of consciousness thoughts from the rest, I would not mind hearing about it, or seeing an example.

Since the feedback I've gotten (thank you by the way) has been mostly positive, I assume everyone 'gets' it...but, perhaps the ones who hate the story either don't like that style...or the substance - I may not have had enough warning in the synopsis (? another stray thought).

Anyhow, really glad folks are enjoying, I love to hear from you, even short one liners like _ keep going...OMG more..and Niki did WHA??"