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Thanks for reading!

August 21, 2017
Posted at 11:08 am

Just a quick note of thanks for those of you who've read, or at least downloaded with the intent of reading, 'Legacy of a Legend'. The final chapter has over 1,000 downloads - which when I first started writing that work a year and a half ago, is about 4 times the number of people I thought would ever read it, or even like it. (And the thing ended up a LOT longer than I thought it would - as of this weekend, it's in the top 125 of longest stories on here ... albeit at #124.)

It will eventually get re-written - I know the further in that you go, the more you'll see how my ability to write changed over that time. But right now I'm working on a few other things first, and I've taken the advice of other authors and I'm going to finish the stories first, before starting to post.

The final chapter - the book is finished

August 10, 2017
Posted at 8:29 pm

Okay, NOW all you people who say you won't read a story until it's done ... now you have NO excuse. Chapter 74 has been submitted for posting, and should be up shortly. That's it. End of the adventure.

It's been extremely fun. I've included at the end of the last chapter a list of mods that I run when playing on the PC.

I've started the outlines for five other works this past week. It'll be a little while before I post anything else - I'm going to try the old, finish the story first, THEN post it, so I never feel like I'm on a deadline.

And this week I did just that ... feel like I was on a deadline. I almost wanted to tell what happened to literally everyone that Martina has come across during her adventures - and decided at the last minute that, really, with the Empire at peace, it doesn't really matter. Martina did what she intended to do - find out more about her father and her own history. In the process, she conquered a Kingdom and then an Empire. That's a pretty good accomplishment in and of itself.

May Talos bless you, and FUS RO DAH!

Chapter 73 and Frank Sinatra

August 3, 2017
Posted at 8:54 pm

Just put Chapter 73 in the upload hopper.

Presuming that my software is right, the story now has 429,295 words and is 974 pages long, with 2,285,396 characters. (I have put every chapter into one large file.) And that's where Frank Sinatra comes in - because this is the first time since I started posting that I don't have a buffer. I'm still writing Chapter 74. I do plan on posting it next week like usual, but ...

For those of you who've said you'd wait until the story was completed, if you're a slow reader, you may as well start, because as Frankie sang, "And now, the end is near"... (Of the story, not of me!) I also know that the early chapters aren't nearly as good as the later ones. I'd like to think that in the last year that my writing ability has improved.

Anyway, have a great week and don't take any wooden Septims!

Chapter 72 posting

July 27, 2017
Posted at 8:03 pm

Just a quick note that Chapter 72 has been uploaded.

Super hot in Oklahoma, and we have severe weather possible tonight, so this is a couple hours earlier than normal for me, just in case there's a power outage. I have UPS's on all my computers, so I'm not worried about them. Just no lights or A/C. So hopefully that won't happen.

Bunch of topics

July 20, 2017
Posted at 9:03 pm

First, thanks to those of you who explained Libre Office and what it was doing. It makes sense, actually. You'd think that as a more than technical guy I would understand things like this without feeling like a dunce. Oh, well.

Second, new chapter posted. My first reader said I'm truly a nerd and also his hero, as everything I'm writing is, or could be, lore friendly to Skyrim. He'd been concerned when I brought things down to Cyrodiil.

Third, I wasn't feeling well and just stayed home and vegged on my days off this past week. Instead of writing, I decided to give an unmodified version of Fallout 4 another chance, maybe get a bunch of the achievements. In two days I racked up 12 hours of gameplay. To quote Martina, it's 'interesting'. I'm not sure I like it, and I probably won't continue playing it - if I were, say, 14 and had lots of free time, sure, not a problem. I'm not - if I'm lucky I get 2 hours of free time for game play a week.

Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying their summer. It's been right at or just over 100 degrees F every single day this week - and it's supposed to stay that way. Welcome to Oklahoma, right? :)