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Uploading a repost of a long story

June 8, 2018
Posted at 8:20 pm

Just uploaded a repost of my Legacy of a Legend. Hopefully it went through. I spent some time cleaning up the spelling errors that crept in, rewriting a few scenes slightly. I did NOT change the storyline, so it's still a Skyrim fanfic. If you've read the original, this is almost exactly the same. It just takes out a couple of minor continuity errors that crept in, changes a few of the scenes slightly.

First 20 chapters are probably where you'll note the most changes, those were the rough ones in the first place. They're still shorter than most of the rest, just because of way I wrote it in the first place. I think I improved it a little. So if you're looking for a couple of hours (okay, probably more than that, at more than 435,000 words) and you haven't read it - I'd invite you to do so.


March 24, 2018
Posted at 8:18 am

Quick note of clarification. Ernest had a good idea that made great sense to me, I hope I was able to execute his idea so it looks okay. My intent was to publicly praise him for his good idea. If it didn't come out that way, that's on me.

New Story uploaded

March 23, 2018
Posted at 11:52 pm

Just uploaded a 10,000 word short story.

I took the advice of Ernest Bywater with the formatting, hope it turns out right.

It's not a full stroke story (in my opinion), but is pretty close. I know I had some fond memories come to mind when writing it. And yeah, before you ask, it really IS a true story.

1500 thanks and a health update

February 11, 2018
Posted at 12:41 pm

It's now been six months since I finished Legacy of a Legend. The final chapter has, as of this morning, been downloaded 1500 times. Thank you to all those who've read it and hopefully enjoyed it.

I'm actually about halfway through (finished Chapter 35 yesterday) going through it with revisions. The first twenty chapters needed more than the last several - mostly changing the tense and correcting a few spelling errors and word errors that slipped by me and my first reader the first time threw. (Yeah, I made these on porpoise.)

I've returned to work, at least on light duty, after the heart valve replacement. Still on blood pressure medicine, but at least not on blood thinners (which would be a major pain). The change in lifestyle as far as eating has also been a big adjustment. Fish instead of steak, chicken instead of ham, a lot more fruit and vegetables (plain baked potato instead of loaded with bacon, cheese, and sour cream), and NO salting anything after it gets to the table. Only the salt that is in the food naturally or as it's being prepared - and no cheating when I cook something here by adding salt that way.

So changing my eating habits, doing 30 minutes of cardiac exercise 4 times per week, and I'm now 13/14th of the man I used to be. Seriously, I've dropped 20 pounds since Thanksgiving. Anyway, that's it for now!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

December 25, 2017
Posted at 12:16 am

I've been having a few issues with blood pressure medication since the heart valve replacement, so between that, the actual cardiac rehab (which has physically been kicking my butt), and all the other family stuff that comes with the holidays, I've sort of let a few things (like writing new stories and rewriting Legacy of a Legend) slide.

Well, I've two New Years resolutions. The first is one that I'm already implementing, which is eating healthier. To help accomplish this, I'll NOT add anything to the food that I eat by way of putting salt on it, nor will I add salt when I'm actually cooking something. It's actually not that hard to do once you've had the kind of wake-up call that I had - which was waking up with EMS around you and your face in the pool of blood from where you smashed your face in the concrete when you passed out from heart failure.

The second one is going to be harder. At least 30 minutes per day actually working on writing something. I have a short story based in the Winds of Change universe I sort of have done, but needs some finishing. I have a Halloween contest story that I'll finish up and then hold for next years contest. I have a murder mystery started that I'm still plotting out. I've a historical war story in process as well. The one story that I'm closest to having done is actually sort of autobiographical, and other than changing a few names, is pretty much a true story that no one would really believe happened to me. And of course, I need to rewrite Legacy of a Legend. I do appreciate the e-mails I've received about it.

Enjoy life. It's the one gift you have received that you never know when it will end, so appreciate the sunrises and sunsets, and every moment of every day.