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Feeling Better!

September 6, 2017
Posted at 2:45 pm

Hi All
OK! I have finished my project to rewrite The Strawberry Patch from Chapter 1 to Chapter 33. The early chapters now point to things that happen in the later chapters and, I think, the story flows so much better now.

Now, we can move forward with my sanity in tact!

Thank you for reading and for the great corrections and criticism.


Holiday gift

September 2, 2017
Posted at 12:32 pm

Hi All

First thank you to all who sent me notes about the hurricane. Some asked what a good charity was. I have always been happy with the Salvation Army, but this time around I made a donation to my former church. I know the pastor, I trust the members. It would not surprise me if they held the service while helping the homes around the church.

Second! As a gift to you, I am posting Chapter 32 of The Strawberry Patch today. Thanks for the responses and for the spelling corrections! (I gotta get a new speel checker!)

Have a great weekend and I hope you get to spend it with those you love.


34 years ago in Houston, TX

September 1, 2017
Posted at 11:31 pm

Hi All

On August 15, 1983, Hurricane Alicia hit the Texas coast. I was living in Deer Park, TX on the SE side of the Houston Metro area. The storm his us with sustained winds of 115 mph and generated 96 tornadoes in a 48 hour span as the eye traveled from the Gulf to College Station, TX.

21 people lost their lives and the damages were in the Billions of 1983 dollars. My home and the homes on either side of my and my neighbor across the street were the only home not destroyed by high winds or tornadoes.

In 1983 the NWS was just starting to track storms with satellites and Doppler radar and they had the track pegged a day ahead of time. We sheltered at the high school only to have the concrete T-beam roof torn off by a tornado.

Ti this day I tell folks that they haven't really seen rain until they have seen it going from left to right at 110 mph.

If you can do anything to help the efforts to support the relief efforts in Houston please do so. The Red Cross and other church organizations are the good, the Salvation Army is still fantastic down there.

Thank you for your time, and I hope none of you ever have to live through something like this.


SO? I changed my mind!

August 31, 2017
Posted at 10:50 pm
Updated: September 1, 2017 - 1:50 am

Hi All

After listening to some folks I really respect, and not just because they like this story, I have decided to post a new chapter of The Strawberry Patch EVERY Tuesday night.

I will endeavor to keep the spelling errors and the clunky sentences to a minimum. But feel free to let me know if something gets past me.



More news on The Strawberry Patch

August 30, 2017
Posted at 3:59 pm

Hi All

I have now gone through the first 25 chapters of The Strawberry Patch. I have edited them and wrote some clarity in, where I knew it was clunky before.

I will continue to work on past chapters and get them posted as well. The plan is still to post one every two weeks. If the muse keeps talking to me, perhaps it will move to weekly.

Thanks for those who read it and to those who remind me that I can't spell worth a darn.