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I don't do requests.

April 21, 2011
Posted at 2:17 am

Especially requests for stories that are well out of my comfort zone.

I've been asked for rape, blackmail, bondage and even snuff stories.

NO! NO! Go away, you bother me.

Story FAQ and THANKS!

April 18, 2011
Posted at 12:40 pm
Updated: April 18, 2011 - 12:41 pm

Thank you all who have commented on my stories. While I REALLY want comments, good and bad, I'm not going to reply to everyone who writes. Answering a 'good story!' with a 'thank you' might be polite, but...

I've been on ASSTR for 2.5 years and I've had more feedback on SoL in the less than a week I've been here. Overwhelming is an understatement. Again... THANK YOU!!

There are a couple stories that I'm getting recurring requests for sequels on and I want to let people know about that.

"A Day at the Fair" - This Swarm Cycle story is a spinoff of Thinking Horndog's "Buying Wholesale". Since he has not done a sequel I feel that I cannot.

"A Pickup in 4..." - Shaggy dog stories ending in a pun are almost by definition a one off. Everyone has heard the 'cunning linguist' pun, this was just my take on it. If I come up with a pun (or I hear one) I can use in the Swarm Cycle universe involving a linguist, a mathematician, 2 computer geeks, and a waitress (and her two kids) I will do it. Any ideas?