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Someone reposted my story on Amazon?

March 17, 2017
Posted at 10:44 am
Updated: March 17, 2017 - 12:45 pm

Ive been very adamant I have no problem sharing my story - as long as its free.

SOL relies on donations and memberships to run - and they certainly earn every penny - so I've no problem that after 100 in a day you have to buy a membership - thats more than fair. I also have no problem a few stories are behind a pay wall as long as I have the option not to put mine there.

I love SOL!

I also love to write and I love that people enjoy my stories -forward them and even write fan fiction (Mrs. Waxerman!!)

But some one calling themselves Martin Ycaza just yanked my unfinished Hard Times and put it on Amazon. I am curious if it even has an ending. (not curious enough to buy it mind you - since my guess is he didn't even read it)

Can you help me get it taken down?

Edit: I tried to fill out the copyright infringement form but it asks for a product number or a link to another site on Amazon that lists it - which is unfair.

So any help you can provide in this regard, is much appreciated.

Fan Fiction - Mrs. Waxerman

February 16, 2017
Posted at 12:46 pm

Mrs. Waxerman by Mike Mcgifford is up to chapter six now.

This is a fan fiction story set in the Family Feud Universe based on one of my all time favorite characters - Mrs. Waxerman.

I have to say that I encourage anyone who enjoys these stories to read it. I've been floored with how much the author has done to flesh out the neighbor Doctor Hooker and how they came to be engaged.

In Hard Times (set a little bit after the events in FF over the Summer) Mrs. Waxerman appears for a short while, and I never explain why she is engaged to Doctor Hooker or the strange arrangement they share when they drop Delilah off at the trailer park to help wash cars.

I have to say - that Mike's loving attention to detail here is so perfect because he picked up and answered what happened in between so well that I can't wait to find out.

One word of warning, if you are put off by any reference to religion then this is not for you. Mrs. Waxerman is a prudish grammar nazi and busy body and her justifications for submitting to her husband are biblical in nature - so keep that in mind when reading.

Fan Fictions - Why I love them and why I would suck their dick

November 8, 2016
Posted at 9:23 am

When I started reading erotic Internet Fiction I had no idea what was on the Internet really.

I worked in bars and strip clubs and grew up in a trailer park not too far removed from the story Hard Times.

**Moms who shacked up with their daughter's boyfriends.

**Lesbian twins who worked as strippers

**A guy who came into the bar carrying a toilet lid in his briefcase and paid girls to piss on his face in motel rooms.

**People who dressed up as Furry animals and had little orgies
Nudist resorts that were family friendly by day but had a swinger sub-culture at night that everyone was hush-hush and wink-wink about.

**I watched a stripper take an entire half-gallon of Ice Cream and eat it out of her own pussy with a spoon on stage in front of 7 guys and then walk outside of the club in broad daylight behind the dumpsters and bend over so that she could be washed out with a garden hose. I still remember her yelling at the DJ to stop crimping the hose and just focusing on her ass and tits. "I need to clean everything else off!!"

** I watched Jerry Springer regularly and saw nephews pimping out their aunt for crack and people who wanted to live BDSM relationships out in the open.

I thought I had seen just about everything.

Then one fine day I got the Internet and wow - I had not seen shit.

People trained to "BE" Ponies, Erotic machines that auto-fuck a girl even after she passes out, fetishes about choking a woman out and that was just the first day.

There was one site that featured strictly fantasies about a game show where celebrities that were fading would routinely humiliate themselves on stage for a fleeting chance to restart their fame. They would strip and be tortured in front of a throng of fans eager to watch them be strung up in some Puritanical style water-wheel that would spin them around slowly and dunk them in water or sit in an electric chair for a prolonged shocking while they squirted out any bodily fluids on public cable.

This was YEARS before shows like "I am a Celebrity, get me out of here", "Naked and Afraid: Celebrity edition" "Fear Factor" where they essentially did exactly that.

I eventually discovered Dolcett and dangerous porn where women were turned into meals - usually quite willingly and their only concern was if they would serve enough people or if they would be tender enough.

I actually kept a whole folder of stories that made me say "What the Fuck?"

Pictures of a line of naked girls pressed against the wall holding their ass cheeks apart and a guy coming along and inserting one crisp potato chip between their ass.

Or maybe a naked woman holding a gun and a watermelon for no apparent reason.

I would ask "What the fuck was the context of this? why was it taken? Was it taken to turn someone on? Was it taken to make some one money? what is this??"

I was fascinated by this Internet.

Then one day I discovered the kind of porn that actually turned me on. It came in the form of humiliations and blackmails mostly.

People like Vulgus were writing stories about neighbors who had all this time to create elaborate schemes against their unsuspecting neighbors to tangle them up in complex webs and make them do their bidding.

I don't know why but it really turned my fucking screws.

The problem was usually the story would be written almost like a vignette from my perspective. In typical guy fashion - it got in and it got out. The very best stories seemed to only contain two or three chapters and just as I fell truly in love with these characters - boom, it ended.

"So what happens next? What about vengeance? Can the mother who got blackmailed not turn the tables on that guy now? What about a story after she moves out in with him to serve obediently where they pretend to be a nice normal family and a NEW neighbor moves into her house next door and they repeat the process and entrap them?"

But those stories did not exist.

So the next best thing was "Fan Fiction" - this is where they take a TV show or a book or even someone else's story and play with these established characters.

Some are very, very bad.

"What if Captain Kirk wanted to fuck Doctor McCoy on Star Trek?"

And then there are lines like "Dammit Jim, I am a Doctor not a Boy Toy!" and "Bones, I want to Jump your Bones!"

Some though were very, very good.

I really liked one that was based on the Brady Bunch.

The sugary sweet homogenized all-American family that I had grown up watching on TV - but now Bobby was fucking Cindy and Jan was playing with herself and Marsha was being tied up by Bobby, Greg and Peter and Alice was fooling around with Tiger and Sam the Butcher in full leather with whips.

What was great about it was that it was still short but at least the exposition wasn't needed to establish these characters in my mind. I knew who Mr. Brady was and all I needed to know was Perm or straight hair.

I began to write stories of my own and create my own characters but I would borrow heavily from existing characters (And people I actually know) to write my stories and breathe life into them. A lot of the shit Ted says in Hard Times, someone - usually a brother or a friend has actually said to me.

The other day my sister said "It was not in her D and A" to be a certain way. I quickly jotted that down because it was fucking priceless because she meant it wasn't in her DNA. She wouldn't know what DNA was if she took a bite out of one.

I vowed to write the kind of stories I really wanted to read - which were longer and had characters evolve over time so that how they were at first - they weren't later.

They were transformed by living through the story.

I wanted to beat up, knock down, drag out, and put my main character through hell - I didn't want them to have an easy time of things. I also didn't want you to know what was going to happen and that it would all just magically work out in the end.

I think one way I accomplish that is by making my characters flawed people. I want you to find some you can root for but ultimately when bad shit happens to them (and it often does just like real life) then I don't want you to feel so bad - in fact, I want you to see it as an improvement if they transform or change.

But people tend not to write like me - they prefer the more bite sized stories. I get that- I really do. I think it's like I am posting an elephant though and you eat an elephant the same way you do a bite sized snicker - one bite at a time.

Here is how you read a short story
1. Read the story
2. Ready to Jerk Off?
3. If yes go to step 4 if not go to step 1 and read another story
4. Jerk off.

With mine all you have to do is
1. Read a chapter
2. Ready to Jerk Off?
3. If yes go to step 4 if not go to step 1 and read another chapter in the same story.
4. Jerk off.

Then pick up where you left off except now you know my characters and can watch them grow and fall in love with them.

I go to thinking about what ELSE I would like to see if I could of Fan Fiction - even if its in short story format. I am willing to read those because at least I know these characters.

So here is my partial list for your consideration - I'd especially love to see someone who is willing to TRY to write that never wrote before. I was like you and people actually told me I sucked. One person wrote "If you were trying to capture the internal monologue of an air head you nailed it".

I was mortified and stopped writing - but i am glad i didn't because it's been a real fun experience creating things other people jerked their dicks and fingered their pussies too - inspiring them to write would be even more awesome.


1. Modern Family!
I started watching this show recently and I absolutely love, love, love how dysfunctional it is. It is so ripe for writing fan fiction that I can't believe I haven't done it.

You've got Haley and Alex Dunphy - two hotties so right there is a lot of cheese and titty.

You've got perv Jay (Al Bundy) and his hot wife Gloria who uses her tits to get whatever she wants. You've got Claire the Milf!

That is just for starters - there is so much you could do with these characters intertwined into some sexual perversions that I can hardly stand that there aren't any dirty stories on the internet (that I can find).

2. Reba!

I wrote about this a long time ago. Reba is another show a lot like Modern Family. Reba's southern twang and sassy attitude, and Norma Jean's blonde bimbo quality, her slutty older daughter and bratty younger daughter - it fucking writes itself really if you just put the characters together in a situation and start theorizing how it would go!!

I could picture Cheyenne preparing for some misguided idea of being on "America's Got Talent" crossed with "Naked and Afraid" where they drop her off in the jungle and she asks Scarlett and her husband to help her train for it by putting her through these exercises and Reba is like "Now Cheyenne, how come you gotta go on national TV and show them boobies to get famous!"

Steve her dopey husband says "Well, she's gotta show her boobies because she doesnt have brains!" and puts his finger to his forehead while rolling his eyes like that should have been obvious.

3. Game of Thrones

I know that George Martin has said he doesn't want to see any Fan fiction and I am sure there is actually some pervy fan fiction but dammit - how about some really twisted and pervy stuff that I can even understand.

Get rid of the "Lord Fantelblane, bids you good tidings on the titty of the merriweather, my good lord, and shall I call for another Tiddlywinking?" pidgin shakespeare dialogue and watch the damned show on HBO and do that.

Just DO that.

Write about what actually happened when Sansa was given to Boltons and draw that story out with Reek and the games that were played.

Write about Geoffery putting her through hell and humiliation at the court back around season two or three when he was King and she was his consort still.

Write about the twisted perversions put upon Queen Marjorie and Cersei while they were held by the Sparrows that we never see and how some of them made Marjorie see the light or she secretly enjoyed and couldn't admit - wanted more of.

Pick two characters pretty much at random, even if they are related and write about their travels across Westeros fighting and fucking their way from one place to the other.

Write about life in the brothel for a young peasant girl fleeing from House Umber in the Northlands after Theon Greyjoy raids their village looking for the Stark Boys.

Write about kinky stuff that is taught to Queen Daenarys while she rides with Khal Drago to make her a better wife and how she continues the practice while marching on Westeros.

It's like there are a hundred stories to tell and not enough time.


Nothing flatters me more on this site than seeing someone add to the family feud universe and take characters I wrote and see what they can do with them.

Here are just a few - the very tip of the dick you can tug to squirt out a good story;


I've already mentioned this a few times but I'd love to see stories about Chicken and her mother. Around Chapter 111 - I introduce the Solomon family and Chicken proudly jumps at the chance to be a pool girl or a slave and runs out in the yard. I had so much fun writing that part of the story that I really wanted to write it as a separate series.

Don't worry - Ted is going to swing by their trailer on Sunday morning and give them a chance to come down to the pool by the way. He has a thing for her mom.

The end of Family Feud was really hard for me to write. I had so much loved the Taylor's but I had put them through hell and in the end Wendy and Jamie both had changed in so many ways and so had Chris and Bill!!

I was told that the ending felt forced but truth be told it is quite long and I thought it served as a fair epilogue as they sailed into the sunset - leaving behind the greatest adventure of their lives.

The few feedback emails I got seemed to indicate they were curious what happens to them and I remember feeling that way about some of those early stories I had read long ago and fallen in love with - so I wrote "Dear Internet from Cowtits"-which was Wendy setting the record straight on how they are doing now.

It was a fun little short "story" in a letter format -

I would love to see a few more of those from Jamie, Bill or Chris or to tell a story about what happens on their drive away at the end of FFIV.

I would love to see a person take a moment in time from (For exmaple) when the family moved into Rahjid's motel and began whoring and just write out how a typical night had gone for them in more detail. One of the few Fan Fictions I have in FF universe is a lovingly detailed story of a gang bang at a fire station that Wendy and Jamie have in order to make money.

Hard Times has so many opportunities for something kinky as well - and I've mentioned these before but go back to when Maw-Maw was young and in high school and still super hot and Ted and Daisy hadn't even been born. Her mom is the hottest woman in Buckman county and belongs to Senior who is actively running the Trailer Park!

How about just pick a trailer a few down from Crystal's on Glory Hill and write about their situation? Put it on J street! Write some people and give them an interesting and kinky situation and go from there - without even interacting with Ted and his lot if you don't want. You could have Odd-Jobs show up now and then to move things along when he is in between whatever he is doing down at the pool this may be his side-scam he is running.

What about the Devine family and all the kink that goes on there? I purposely left a lot of room for someone to describe how things go there after Clay decides to start training Candy and Angel and subsequently his wife and Chastity.

How about some adventure of April and Tawny Haislip before they start this.I kind of modeled them on Kris and Kim Kardashian in a way - so you could have them willingly go dick sucking around and whoring things up for coke or whatever you want to do.

The reason I encourage this is a little selfish - in the end I really just want to read some good stories.

It is okay to be a little selfish - as long as you share it with the rest of us.

Hard Times or Taylor Swift?

October 27, 2016
Posted at 8:05 am

So Hard Times is at chapter 141 and we are at a pivotal point in the story. Dawn is almost breaking and Ellen's role has suddenly shifted thanks to mom's sacrifice.

Chapter 11 of Taylor Swift - no not that Taylor swift, is ready for publishing and I've got a few more chapters in the process of refinement. It is written from different perspectives but at this point in the story the bratty goth girl Taylor is getting put in her place and dressed down.

I can only write one at a time - or focus on one at a time. I will definitely finish both but my question to you is which do you want more and why?

Taylor or Ellen?

Anyone up for writing a side story about any of these people? I purposely left Taylor's first night babysitting at Mr.Vulgus's house untold for that reason. I think that was probably a story in and of itself - babysitting in just an apron.

Yes, Mr. Vulgus is an homage to one of the greatest and most inspirational writers of this kind of fiction (IMHO) and I do that a lot in my writing. Dr. Hooker (the Waxerman neighbor who eventually marries Mrs. Waxerman) is based loosely on what I think Hooked6 is like. The Neighbor Van who lives next to the Swift house (you've yet to meet him in this story but he figured in the Family Feud story) has a Red Legged Tiger tattoo and is based on what I think he is like, etc.

In case you were not aware - the Swift family resides in the old Taylor house (the subjects of the Family Feud trilogy) after they moved out.

You don't have to know any of these details to enjoy the story but for those of you who are fans and love trivia - those are just cute little details/Easter eggs I thought I would share.

New Shit/Old Shit and a Request

October 16, 2016
Posted at 7:02 pm
Updated: October 16, 2016 - 9:29 pm

Lately,I've been on a roll with my writing.

Bud Ugly (Thank you so much) kindly helped me re-do the Family Feud Prequel. It is a short story that sets the tone for the much longer trilogy.

It also my first story on here and it definitely shows.

I am calling the new version my "Blu-Ray" version as it enhanced the clarity and added about 7 seconds overall to the length of the story.

I've been hard at work on Hard Times - getting about a chapter a week posted. I am in the home stretch of this story - lots of interesting things coming up (no spoilers) - but I think Ellen is on a really interesting journey - and I've always loved dirty stories written in trailer parks.

Usually they are written by people who don't seem to have lived in them - so they are usually just poor people fucking and a lot of people named "Travis" who have a monster truck.

Silly fool, Travis owns a Mustang GT. It's RANDY with the Monster Truck (his step brother) - j/k.

I am also proud to announce not only did someone respond to my request for help with my story, but someone also reviewed HARD TIMES.

So that's two dicks I've got to suck (and counting).

It is a really nice review - although I am not sure I am comfortable with being called Miss Amanda. I'd highly suggest having a look.

It's by Sir Hogarth - and I really love how he picks up on the humanity aspect of my writing. He says there are two chapters where they have a heart-to-heart amidst the debauchery and depravity.

I really believe the story should make you laugh, angry, horny, (not necessarily in that order) - and attach you to the characters. I want you to identify with at least one and know some people who remind you of the others.

I want you to taste the tastes, feel the feels, smell the smells as I describe them. I want you to say "Oh, I've been to a place like that - yep, they put too much chlorine in the damned pool to get rid of all the piss floating around in there".

I want you to enjoy the story!

In other news, I've been working on the Taylor Swift story. I don't know yet how long it will go. The story is set in the same house the Taylor family from Family Feud lived in a few months after they moved away. So the neighbors are still the same and it gives me an opportunity to explore some of those early characters again.

I just posted up chapter 5 and I think you will enjoy it. The story is written as alternating journals between the mother and the daughter in this story. In some cases - going back to previous events from the other ones perspective.

I am hopeful I will surprise you with this story and it will be similar to past stories (Things you like) but different enough not to be a rehash.

So that is what is new with me, now for my request.

I've been lucky enough to have some one help me fix FF1. I've finally gotten my wish and someone wrote a review about one of my stories that wasn't "Your grammar sucks and you suck, and I don't like humiliation and blackmail so your story sucks".

Now, my for my third wish:

I've been fortunate enough to have TWO fan-fiction stories written by other authors set in Family Feud.

The first was from a person who LOVED the story. I've written about this individual before. Here is a brief summary of our exchange:

He wrote to me to tell me he was unhappy with something that happened in the story.

I normally send back something like "Eat a dick." when people send me a nastygram but I thought about what he was really saying.

It wasn't that he wanted to tell me I suck or the story sucked. HIS version of my characters in his head would never get tattoos.

That is because he related to them and they were acting counter to his belief. It would be like if I took over Star Trek and made Spock grow a beard and say "Live Long and Groove on, man."

Some people may like the change but REAL fans would notice he wasn't acting like he is SUPPOSED to act in their minds and they would not like that.

People tend not to write unless they feel passionate enough about the story and the setting to do something like that.

So I wrote back and thanked him.

We exchanged emails a while and he finally started writing his version without the tattoo of what happened. It's on my page for my universe here:

There is also a story by Stacey Love - I've never emailed with her but it is fantastic.

I had taken a long hiatus from writing and she wrote a nice section about what probably happened with a LOT more sex than I usually write - in a very descriptive and hot way.

I was flattered but also really impressed with the fact she had taken the characters and made them her own.

So my request to you is this - pick ANYONE from my stories at ANY point or just make up someone new and put them in Cherry Lawn Estates or the Buckman Trailer Park.

Pick the most interesting time in their life.

Then write about that.

I believe when you submit a story, you have the option to add it to a "Universe" - mine is the Family Feud Universe.

It would mean a lot to me - even a short story. I don't care if it's Ted and Crystal weeks before any of this happened, or an elaboration on a scene that I didn't put a lot of detail into and you wished I had.

I wrote a follow up to Family Feud called Dear Internet, From Cow Tits.

It is a letter written by Wendy telling the "Internet" how she is some time in the future after the end of Family Feud. Some people had felt I left the epilogue a little rushed/too vague to FFIV and I thought they may want to know how she is doing.

just write anything.