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Day in the Life: FLR (Female led marriage) Femdom story request

November 23, 2017
Posted at 1:59 pm
Updated: November 23, 2017 - 5:23 pm

I typically write stories that involve women being submissive.

Every now and then, I like to write a story where the men are subservient but usually it's just so that when the turnabout happpens - it is more satisfying (she cuckolded him, so now she gets cuntcolded).

However, I enjoy reading the femdom/female led marriage stories at times.

What I do not really enjoy so much is that they are often:

1- Implausible: Stately manors and champagne/limosuines ala 50 shades of grey.

I know trailer parks and suburbs - set it some place regular.

2- Lots of cuckolded and infedelity - a lot of women want to control their men, but they don't actually want to sleep around or use this as an excuse to sleep around. That isn't really reflected in most of the BDSM where the man is the submissive.

3- Short stories where you don't know why the man chose this or the wife did - I love a little background so I can relate to the characters, give them a little flaws, a little bit to like

4- Usually it doesn't contain a lot of BDSM - disicpline, daily routine, protocol, and instead focuses on one or two fetishes: cock cages, panties, etc. I'd love to see a broader example of discipline instead with how they eat, walk, talk and behave being part of the training.

What I'd love to see is a typical day in the life - maybe even how thanksgiving worked in a FLR family.

Maybe they are a couple with kids or family that don't the full extent of their bedroom activities/relationship - he wears an apron and serves dinner but never says mistress to his wife in front of company for instance.

Is it possible for any of you who write female led relationship stories to just give us a nice normal day in the life of a guy who is a slave to his wife?

Turning Point and a Story Request

November 20, 2017
Posted at 4:00 pm

I'd like to plug the new story "Turning Point" that is set in Family Feud universe.

It is by two long-time readers who are collaborating and I think it is amazing. It fits in this setting very well at the broken down Buckman Motel just on the outskirts of Buckman County.

It tells the tale of two bitches (A mother and a daughter) who are learning respect and discipline for the first time.

Chapter Four Just got posted.

I do have a request for any other authors out there.

I've read a lot of good BDSM set with female submission and that is what I write best.

I'd love to read a good femdom/female led marriage story without a lot of cuckoldry, where the husband and wife just deal day to day with kids, work, real life and there are no dragons or aliens or massive gang bangs - its just like real life.

can anyone tell a story like that?

Naming Day - Chapter Two

October 19, 2017
Posted at 12:11 pm

The Taylor Swift story is finished and I won't spoil the ending for you - but I've got the second chapter of Joanne's story (Book two) in rough draft form.

*IF* you have read chapter 02 and have a name suggestion for Joanne let me know what it is and WHY/Justification.

Bonus points: Write a short story set in the Family Feud setting from one of the other characters POV (Muffins, Fart Face etc) about the first night and what they did and their feelings. I intentionally left that without a lot of detail.

Taylor Swift - complete!!

October 18, 2017
Posted at 12:04 pm

Final edits to chapter 77 posted today - the last thing I am adding is a companion with my notes on each character.

I am curious if it ended up the way you thought it might and where you think the family goes from here!

Taylor Swift: Two Chapters Left!! Chapter 75 just published..

October 14, 2017
Posted at 5:19 pm

Just two chapters left (I promise) and they are doozies.

Now, I must decide what to do next.

Hard Times - I've let it sit for so long that I am not sure I can go back and really channel Ellen and give it the right treatment it deserves. I'd love to work with someone who wants to help me with it - but it probably needs at least 5-10 more chapters before a good ending could be had as Ellen had just transitioned to being in charge.

My Name is Taylor Swift, probably needs a sequel called "My name WAS Taylor Swift" - I don't know. There will be some happy endings/some bittersweet. I would rely upon you after Chapter 77 to make that call.

Speaking of which Chapter 75 is coming very soon.

I will tell you an Easter Egg.

One of the writers I admire is homaged in this story in a few different places. He wrote a story a long time ago called "Helen's Ordeal" and I always felt that Helen deserved an ending to her story and a little more detail.

This version of Helen in this story - while an adult, is very much the version of Helen as a teenager that I pictured when I read the story and while she is older and a little more open minded - its basically the same blonde haired, pale skinned girl from that story.

You'll see many writers I admire encapsulated in the story - I am sure you noticed the wise cracking Mr. Vulgus, but a few are harder to figure out.

Anyway, I need to decide what my next project is going to be - so I'll leave it to you to offer feedback AFTER you read chapter 77.

#1- Taylor Swift 2: It's very easy to say "Keep this story going!" - 77 chapters, its 2942K and over 1600 pages. It has 461,000 words. War and Peace has 588,000 words in it - it can be intimidating. No matter how many times you say it - some people will not start a long story even though they can just read it a little at a time.

Personally, it has to be a long story because I want to fall in love with the characters.
As you read the final chapters you will see some transformation and evolution that I am not sure will make a good story - as I don't know if there will be enough tension now that things are out in the open.

If this is YOUR preference, the question is going to be what format to write it in. So long I've done it in Joanne's voice, I don't know that I could do it anyone elses, but a lot of people probably won't like her after the ending and do we really want a villain to tell the story?

2- Hard Times: I can't guarantee the quality. I've had this story in park mode in the final stretch for so long, and I enjoyed writing those characters but I can't say that I can bottle lightning in a jar again with it. I'd love to have a person write a chapter with me back and forth or something if I am going to finish this one. Are there people waiting for the conclusion??

3- Family Feud: I had actually always intended to revisit the Taylor Family. A lot of people were unhappy with the ending to the final book (4) and felt I left out a lot of details that they wondered. I wrote "Hello Internet, it's me Cow Tits" to answer those questions and I never heard back from anyone -is there anything left to tell about the Taylor family?

4- Big Gang Bang Theory: I teased up a short story about the cast of Big Bang Theory, with some domination and bdsm etc. I'd love to see the mental images of it, but I can't reconcile that these don't feel like "Real people" entirely and it may not be as exciting. It may be more of a goof project. I didn't like my initial draft.

5- A Whole new thing: I wouldn't mind taking on a new project with a new cast. Honestly, I like the Family Feud world I created, so I'd like to use that setting or Hard Times (Buckman) but I could start fresh. Anyone care about Rachel Goldman? Helen and Dave Chipman? Hope Miller's house?