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The Middle - Fanfiction request

April 25, 2018
Posted at 2:53 pm

When I started writing Taylor Swift - I had in mind the family from "Friday Night Lights" The TV show

Tom is the Coach Kyle Chandler
Joanne is the wife Connie Britton - although with much bigger tits
Janie is the daughter Aimee Teegarden
(If you want to google them)

Taylor is a little bit of myself and based on a picture I saw of a Goth Girl at a Birthday party not having a good time.
Donny and Scotty are based loosely on people I know and Jesse Plemmons and Zach Gilford from the same show.

Obviously, nothing that happens in the story has anything to do with FNL - it just seemed like a good template to draw inspiration from.

I do enjoy erotic fanfiction though - especially when it is clever.

So I have a request:

The Middle - if you have ever seen the show and read my stories, you probably already know they would have been an ideal family to base Family Feud around.

I'd love to see an engrossing story where Mike and Franki's kink spills out of the bedroom, and Sue Sue Heck wants to be a donahue and has submissive tendencies. I don't know what would be going on with Brick and Cyndi but I gotta think Cyndi would wear the pants (and the hats) in that relationship.

Please Internet, make it happen?

Hotter than the Devils Asshole

April 10, 2018
Posted at 4:08 pm

Today, I am posting chapter 16 of the sequel to "My Name is Taylor Swift".

I was thinking what a great chapter title "Hotter than the Devil's Asshole" - it's a reference to something Rachel Goldman says when she sees something sexy- which got me to thinking about the name of the story overall.

The story is called "My name WAS Joane Swift" (Book Two)

I've been thinking about this name for a while - and I am not sure it is obvious that it follows "My name is Taylor Swift".

Does it make sense?

Should I rename both stories to the same thing and just have a I and II afterward like Family Feud?

Was it intuitive to you if you read them that they follow one another?

One is the story of Taylor (as told by her mother for most of the story) and one is the story of Taylor's Mother (as told by Taylor's mother Joanne).

Is it even necessary to read them in order to understand the plot in Joanne? I've tried to provide enough context in the Joanne story that you can follow what happened without beating the reader over the head with it and just backtracking - show not tell.

If you have a better name for both stories - I am all ears.

It can't be "Hotter than the Devil's asshole" though - because even though it's a great chapter title - I am not sure it could apply to the entire series.

Big Chested Dum Dum

April 5, 2018
Posted at 12:13 am

The title of Chapter 10 in the "My Name was Joanne Swift" is big chested dum-dum.

I don't have the same size knockers as her - but I am a dum-dum. It seems I uploaded the wrong version. Give the great people at SOL a little time to re-upload my fixed version (probably by morning) and check again please.

Chapter 10 and 11 are/were from the first book "My name is Taylor Swift"

In other news - a few readers have expressed concern that Tom is being an asshole.

Keep in mind, he provided loving discipline to his wife for nearly 20 years - and she cheated on him multiple times, went on dates, went to gang bangs and most of all trained his youngest daughter without even consulting him. I think he can't quite resolve this betrayal - so maybe he needs to work through it? or maybe he is an asshole - continue reading and understand - no one is perfect.

Idle Cunts are the Devils Tools

March 13, 2018
Posted at 10:49 pm

So there are THREE new stories in the Family Feud Universe.

#1 - A Slap a Day Keeps the Bitch Away by Cherry Nipples
(Formerly this was called "A Turning point of two lives" but a play on a classic idiom seemed more apropos.)

I highly suggest this 12 chapter story - its great. It is set in Buckman county and doesn't relate to Hard Times but it also kinda does. It is about a mom and a daughter who are classic bitches but learn that discipline can have its rewards.

#2 - Dear Sister - this is a follow on short email from the mother in the first story to her sister about her new life.

#3 - Idle Cunts are the Devils Tools by Mike McGifford. There is only one chapter up but it is a continuation and already looks amazing.

Please check these out

In other news, I am going to be working on continuing the My Name was Joanne story (part two of My Name is Taylor Swift) and hope to have an early draft chapter 6 soon!

Story Request for Femdom Authors

February 22, 2018
Posted at 2:51 pm

I don't write femdom stories well.

I am naturally a very dominant/controlling person and many people would think that I would make a natural domme. However, it is that strength that makes me want to surrender to my better.

There is a dynamic about most stories where the woman submits that does not exist in the femdom stories - often because of the male ego and the simple fact - a woman would train a man quite differently than a man might train a woman. Our needs are different, our goals are different and the kind of home we would want are different.

A lot of the stories I've read - let me be frank and honest: are either too pithy or they are too dysfunctional.

Pithy: "Lord Carlton Napier arrived at his domicile by limousine and bid good day to Lady Catherine before dashing across his inventors laboratory where he was working on the latest haberdashery...."

Let me stop you right there. I don't care about things I can't relate too and stories set in mansions with elegance and refinement don't hit home.

Give me a trailer park, or a dirty apartment with two people just struggling to pay the bills -I'll even settle for middle america 2.5 nuclear household, but when you start talking space ships, castles or victorian paddlewheels, I'm lost.

Dysfunctional: I am the last person to judge. Many of my stories feature people who are dysfunctional -because I like to have flaws and I like to write about people in their raw form. So don't get me wrong: I want/need my characters to have hubris -especially because I want to see them evolve.

What I am talking about is sometimes in a femdom story, it sounds more like the woman has a sexual addiction and wants permission to fuck anyone but her husband.

I really want a Femdom story where the woman loves her husband and while she cuckolds him, she doesn't really want to fuck around on him or make him fuck all the neighbors. She'll show him off, even lend him out to wash their cars - but she doesn't want to share him.


So I already said I'd like a modern story about a couple who live somewhere relatively middle America.

I'd love to see it start with it being HER idea and she wants to improve him/control his temper and address his shortcomings. She wants him to clean up, excercise, but also she wants to control his urges with a cock cage.

If you could start off with the best of intentions and a couple engaging in this voluntarily, I'd absolutely love that.

too often it feels like the story has to be where one of them forced the issues. How about a healthy relationship

I'd also love to see it involve to introduce more and more feminzation, bdsm/puppy play and maybe she starts calling him grunty or piglet or something.

I'd love to see him have a real job and family that he has to deal with as he transitions to household maid.

I'd love to see them go to the renn faire one afternoon and she make him follow around her as the queen, and he as her serf/knave.

I'd love to see one of them going to an amusement park or disney or on vacation and she tie him up and go out with her friend for a night at the bar. Test his willingness to serve her and her friends.

I'd love to see him grow to really appreciate the change but at first kind of resent it/be the kind of person who isn't used to being talked too.

You may say "why don't you write it?" well - I already told you - I am hoping to READ it and I think I would do a poor job of it.