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Amanda Serve: Blog

Anyone Speak French?

January 10, 2018
Posted at 9:13 pm

I am a huge fan of George Pichard the cartoonist - many of his stories are huge inspirations. I've read all the English translations of his stories I can find - Marie Gabrielle, Road to Repentance being two of my favorites.

However, I recently came across a copy of "La Perfection Chrettienne" - it is all in French.

It doesn't appear to be a story as much as a collection of vignettes and there are about 67 frames. There is a heavy BDSM and historical religious theme to this story - so if that scares you then this request would not be fun for you.

However, if you love it - and speak fluent French I'd love to work with you to translate it. We can even make the changes on the graphic and upload it somewhere for others to read if you know how to do that.

I tried using Google translate but it came out all wrong.

Whose dick does one have to suck to get a review of her story?

November 28, 2017
Posted at 7:12 pm

I've been writing on this page for a long time.
I've finished the FOUR Family Feud stories (the prequel and 1-3).

The total word count exceeds "War and Peace".

I've finished the Taylor Swift story (And put on hiatus Joanne's follow up) for the time being. It was intended to be a 'short story' but it clocks in at 70 some chapters.

I like stories where I get some sense of the characters - and they evolve over time.

I've gone back and re-edited many of these stories and added more detail, clarified, tried to fix mistakes, etc.

What I have not had is one review.

To be a reviewer, I think all you have to do is commit to a certain number a year and ask the webmasters. I exclusively post my stories here and I get precious little feedback.

It would be a real honor to have my stories reviewed by someone who wants to do that.

I thought I would just ask.

I will save you time and trouble though - if you don't like:
Stories that include BDSM, Incest or Humiliation- you should not review it any more than a person who doesn't like Sci-fi shouldn't review Star Wars.

If you like short spank stories- you will probably hate this as well.

I'd love to get an honest review from someone who likes the genre - that is all I am asking.

Day in the Life: FLR (Female led marriage) Femdom story request

November 23, 2017
Posted at 1:59 pm
Updated: November 23, 2017 - 5:23 pm

I typically write stories that involve women being submissive.

Every now and then, I like to write a story where the men are subservient but usually it's just so that when the turnabout happpens - it is more satisfying (she cuckolded him, so now she gets cuntcolded).

However, I enjoy reading the femdom/female led marriage stories at times.

What I do not really enjoy so much is that they are often:

1- Implausible: Stately manors and champagne/limosuines ala 50 shades of grey.

I know trailer parks and suburbs - set it some place regular.

2- Lots of cuckolded and infedelity - a lot of women want to control their men, but they don't actually want to sleep around or use this as an excuse to sleep around. That isn't really reflected in most of the BDSM where the man is the submissive.

3- Short stories where you don't know why the man chose this or the wife did - I love a little background so I can relate to the characters, give them a little flaws, a little bit to like

4- Usually it doesn't contain a lot of BDSM - disicpline, daily routine, protocol, and instead focuses on one or two fetishes: cock cages, panties, etc. I'd love to see a broader example of discipline instead with how they eat, walk, talk and behave being part of the training.

What I'd love to see is a typical day in the life - maybe even how thanksgiving worked in a FLR family.

Maybe they are a couple with kids or family that don't the full extent of their bedroom activities/relationship - he wears an apron and serves dinner but never says mistress to his wife in front of company for instance.

Is it possible for any of you who write female led relationship stories to just give us a nice normal day in the life of a guy who is a slave to his wife?

Turning Point and a Story Request

November 20, 2017
Posted at 4:00 pm

I'd like to plug the new story "Turning Point" that is set in Family Feud universe.

It is by two long-time readers who are collaborating and I think it is amazing. It fits in this setting very well at the broken down Buckman Motel just on the outskirts of Buckman County.

It tells the tale of two bitches (A mother and a daughter) who are learning respect and discipline for the first time.

Chapter Four Just got posted.

I do have a request for any other authors out there.

I've read a lot of good BDSM set with female submission and that is what I write best.

I'd love to read a good femdom/female led marriage story without a lot of cuckoldry, where the husband and wife just deal day to day with kids, work, real life and there are no dragons or aliens or massive gang bangs - its just like real life.

can anyone tell a story like that?

Naming Day - Chapter Two

October 19, 2017
Posted at 12:11 pm

The Taylor Swift story is finished and I won't spoil the ending for you - but I've got the second chapter of Joanne's story (Book two) in rough draft form.

*IF* you have read chapter 02 and have a name suggestion for Joanne let me know what it is and WHY/Justification.

Bonus points: Write a short story set in the Family Feud setting from one of the other characters POV (Muffins, Fart Face etc) about the first night and what they did and their feelings. I intentionally left that without a lot of detail.