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The Conclusion of Mrs. Waxerman

September 6, 2017
Posted at 10:59 am

Bittersweet to see the ending of the story but incredibly clever twists at the end.

This was a fantastic 15 part story that fits neatly into the Family Feud story setting.

It makes a lot of sense prior to the start of "Hard Times" and explains perfectly how things got how they are.

The Family Feud series itself takes some license with the characters in the Waxerman family -notably that Darlene was a slave for different reasons after trying to impress Chris.

The Taylor Swift series also has a few cameos by them (most notably in recent chapters) and since it happens after Hard Times - it probably doesn't make a lot of sense but keep in mind that I didn't write "Mrs. Waxerman" although I wholly approve of it.

So like Star Trek where in one episode Kirk's middle initial is R and in another its Tiberius - you'll just have to assume they are slightly alternate universes and roll with the version you'd prefer (Tiberius for sure).

I couldn't find the button to click "Review" on the story (which is probably my own bad) but I would definitely give it 5 stars out of 5.

There are a couple very minor grammatical errors but overall technically it is EXTREMELY well done. The research of bible verses was exceedingly well done.

As a story itself - the build up was powerful and really well done. I couldn't have finished at chapter 15 though. Things were just getting ready to take off and I'd rather have seen a full day as Mrs. Waxerman's new role from start to finish.

I am also not a huge fan of condoms but I like the way they were used in this story.

I think the only things I would have changed is I may have had Darlene actually be more reluctant to clean up/set the table and do some of the things she had to do in front of her siblings. She never seemed to have a problem showing her ass to people but I think she would have balked at having to clean the yard, lol.

That's probably because Darlene and Savannah have a lot more of how I was growing up in them then I care to admit.

All in all - this is a fantastic short story that fits nicely as something to read prior to "Hard Times" or while that story is on hiatus as I finish Taylor Swift (Which by the way that is coming).

Revisiting Earlier Chapters of Taylor Swift

August 14, 2017
Posted at 2:26 am

When I started the story it was intended to be a short Halloween Story but I had so much fun writing it that I just kept going.

I think we are reaching an arc in the story where I can start to end it (although who knows at this point).

However, a fellow author recently pointed out I did not define the characters very well physically in the start of the story.

I thought I had but in a journal style - when you write about someone you've known all your life, you don't usually give a lot of background on how they look. It's just "Fucking Janie, that brat!"

So I present to you (if you've never read it) the official description of the main characters)

Each of the headers attempts to give you some background on what happened up to that point. There may also be references that you do not immediately get in the story and I would encourage you to Google those as every attempt has been made to tell the story from their perspective- even when their journal rambles.

Stephen King famously said not to TELL your reader but to SHOW your reader through descriptions what they were like. I would like to do both and to that end I will also present you with a short synopsis of the members of the Swift Family.

I do this because in a Journal about a family member you will seldom write a fresh and full description of a person you have known all of your life so it does not seem genuine or natural.

The Swift Family has only recently moved into the House on 222 Cherry Lane Street in Cherry Lawn Estates. This is the very same house that was occupied by the Taylor family (Family Feud series of stories) before the Swift Family bought it from the bank. They never met the Taylor family and have no knowledge of what happened here.

All three of the eldest Swift siblings attend Cherry Lawn High School and this is their first year attending that school. They moved here from New Jersey.

The youngest (Janie) attends the local middle school.

Tom Swift: Tom is early 40's and works in IT as a Project Manager. He can be best described physically as looking like the actor Kyle Chandler (The Coach) from the TV show Friday Night Lights. Handsome, well-tanned, confident, well-spoken. He has piercing blue eyes and is honest to a fault.

Tom spent some time overseas in the Air Force and this is his first marriage. He and his wife do engage in BDSM in the privacy of their own home and before their children came they were far more active in attending BDSM conventions, seminars and events when they lived in Georgia.

Joanne Swift: Joanne could best be described physically as looking like the actress Connie Britton from the same TV Show Friday Night Lights (the coaches wife) with the notable exceptions she has 36GG tits.
She does wear a "day collar" but it looks like a thick braided silver necklace. She often wears simple smock style aprons that look natural on her but are easy for Tom to tear off her in the bedroom. They cover her ample bosoms on butt but she does not wear a bra or panties (at his orders).

This is Joanne's second marriage and she is in her early 40s. She is submissive to Tom and a stay at home mother although she did study English Literature in college.

Taylor Swift: Taylor has already said she looks nothing like the actress Ariel Winter. That was an obvious lie in case you didn't realize it and she looks almost exactly like her except she keeps her jet black hair much shorter.

She has an ample chest and a pretty big butt and her father's bright blue eyes. She is very intimidating and pushy and probably a little more feisty and bitchy that even she admitted in the first two parts of her journal.

She is a Sophomore in High School but has no immediate plans afterwards and the school year only recently began. She is intelligent but never volunteers at school or applies herself to her school work. She hangs out with two other "Goth girls" (although one is a transgender) at school.

Donny Swift: The oldest son he is awkward, very tall and thin with no athleticism. He is a bright senior in High School with plans to attend college and get a job in IT or Engineering. He lacks confidence around most people besides other geeks where he is free to expose his massive knowledge of all things nerdy. His most used catch phrase is "Actually!" and he holds up a finger and then corrects people when he thinks they have misspoken - whether they want to be corrected or not.

Donny could best be described as a much less athletic younger version of Michael Phelps. Unlike all of his siblings he has brown eyes.

Donny does not like sports at all, plays a lot of XBOX and computer games, and reads graphic novels. He is shy around girls and kind of a mama's boy - always polite to his mom.

Scotty Swift - Scotty is a Freshman in High School and while he isn't two left feet like his older brother he also never applies himself to school or sports. He has grown up a Gamer with his brother on the Xbox and can hold his own when it comes to Nerdy trivial knowledge but not at the level of his older brother.

Scotty is not unattractive but he is not handsome or particularly athletic either. He has curly brownish red hair and blue eyes like his father.

Janie Swift - Janie is still in Middle School and is tall for her age, has long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. She is fairly flat chested but is very athletic and well-coordinated. She aspires to be a cheerleader when she attends High School next year. She is very enthusiastic and her world is all about ponies and bunnies and rainbows but she also likes to game on the Xbox when her brothers aren't hogging it to play creative or social games like Minecraft.

Janie could best be described as a very young version of Aimee Teegarden (the actress that portrayed the Coaches daughter on the TV show Friday Night Lights) crossed with the actual singer Taylor Swift when she was that age. Janie is very attractive but does not seem fully aware of what that means and is often flighty and prone to "giggle fits" where she laughs for five or ten minutes non-stop. She is also known in the family as being the optimist and the enthusiastic and as such has also been considered 'spoiled' by the siblings who see her rewarded and encouraged. Tom is very protective of Janie and both he and Joanne have tried to shield her as much as possible from the real world.

Janie is also known for wanting to try new things like owning a bunny, ant farms, learning French, Dance, Learning Art etc. Every time she makes a big deal about the family going out and buying all the things she needed to get started and promises that this will be THE hobby or interest that she sticks with and then she fails to stick with it -leading her brothers and sisters to think she is spoiled since Mom and Dad seem to keep falling for that.

Sandor/Clegane - The family dog is a male Golden Retriever that the family brought from New Jersey after getting it from a rescue when Janie said she wanted a Dog and would take care of it. The dog was never fixed because it was a puppy when the family got it and the lady at the rescue told them to wait a little while before they did it - and the family just forgot.

There was a dog house in the backyard when the family moved in but they do not use it preferring to crate the dog. He answers to both Sandor or Clegane and was named for a Game of Thrones character known as "The Hound". No one could decide whether to call the dog Sandor or Clegane so the family has been using both although most of the time it is Sandor.

The Dog spends a lot of time in the crate in the living room- especially during the day. Joanne typically ends up walking and feeding the dog but the chore is supposed to be divided up equally amongst Donny, Taylor, Scotty and Janie. He seldom barks and is a very good natured dog. The dog is seldom allowed to roam the house.

I will be going back and tightening up the earlier chapters and adding this to chapter two at the end as well.

Out of Ideas? Okay, here are a few..

August 7, 2017
Posted at 3:52 pm

So far my contest is off to a riveting "Zero" submissions.

Which is par for the course really with how much feedback I get.

I tend to see stories about dinosaurs and going back in time getting thousands of views in the first week and the author writes about all these reactions they get to some of their far-out storylines and get a little jealous. I am not denigrating fanciful stories in imaginative universes about alien invasions and time bandits at all - just not my cup of tea.

I write about what I know - trailer parks, suburbs and sex/dirty situations. I tend to take fairly normal people and put them in fairly outrageous situations involving humiliation, bondage, sex, etc but I also take them on an evolution as characters over time. I also know that some people are just afraid of "OMG! So many chapters"

I always look at it like this - think of it as 60+ "mini-stories" that began and end all with the same characters and take them one chapter at a time. You may just enjoy getting to know the characters.


Okay, what about dinosaurs that go back in time and...I am just kidding, I have no interest in that.

If you are wanting to write and can't think of any ideas - what about the following:

Big Bang Theory: I don't know why this is not more fucking obvious for a title: GANG BANG THEORY - you can do titty fuck theory, blowjob theory, write a whole fucking serious. Just have the cast of the popular show on CBS get it on.

If I were doing it - I'd have Sheldon become Amy's Master after she tricks him into studying the M/s dynamic. I'd have Bernadette fully cuck/hot wife Howard and Raj (with Raj loving it but expecting pampering like he does for his dog). She'd say it's too toughen them up/keep them from buying 500 dollar action figures of themselves which Howard would remind her "I spent 1800 dollars to buy the 3-D printer to make our own and save us money in the long run!" and she would harumph and whip his ass. I don't know what I'd do with Penny and Leonard but it would involve lots of ass licking - I can tell you that.

What you do with it? write, write and write!

Day in the Life of a Femdom Couple:
This second idea is probably a little boring to you but I have read a lot of femdom stories and cuckold stories and I really don't enjoy them. They have a lot of elements I like but they tend to be so different than when the Master/female slave relationship stories.
I'd love to see some femdom stories where the wife has a female led marriage and it's a healthy situation and they just go through life this way and then periodically people like their neighbors find out or something and we see them deciding on a new car, or going out to the movies or whatever and yes there are whips and chains but there is also doing homework with their kids and eating ice cream. Can I have a story about kink that seems plausible? That would be fucking awesome.

day to day shit - the mundane aspect of how she expects him to hand wash certain items of clothing! Maybe give them kids who are not fully aware of the situation but they have some idea that mom wears the pants.

Game of Thrones: I ask for this before but since the new season is out, I Am reminded that there is very little if any Fanfic. I understand that George R.R. Martin may have requested people not write pervy little stories about Geoffery and Sansa and how Tyrion went whoring - but how about this - he writes the sixth book and then we stop! is that a deal, george?

Personally, I had this whole scenario about Sansa's ordeal with Cersei when she was at court in my head. I really like it because Sansa is becoming a lot like Cersei in the new season, so this would have helped Sansa to learn to admire Cersei in new ways.

If you can write medieval stuff - please do! I love that story even though I personally would be the worst at it.

Not my son!: I've had this one in my back pocket for a while and I offer it to anyone else.

I Was thinking of a mom from Middle America, whose son wears skinny jeans, does his hair nicely, and is very effeminate. In this day and age - most boys do this now and have ZERO game when it comes to talking to girls or even interest in owning a car.

Now, in real life -he may get his fix on Instatwit or Facegrindr or whatever app on his phone lets him request nude pics from his classmates but Mom doesn't know this and suspect he is gay.

So conspiring with his mischeivious sister in the wings, she sets him up on a date that goes wrong and her son while a gentleman lives up to the stereotype he is not interested (maybe she just wasn't his type, maybe he was shy).

Then one day, Mom is accidentally taking a shower in the wrong bathroom and walks out (forgetting she is not in her master bedroom) naked with a towel on her head in front of him and his friends - can't help but notice his huge boner alongside his friends.

At this point, Mischeivouis sister encourages her to keep doing things like that to see if he is interested or it was just cold there/they were hard from looking at each other.

See where it goes from there?

A New Contest: I'll write you a motherfucking story

August 1, 2017
Posted at 1:50 am

I am working hard on the Taylor Swift story.

I have every intention of giving the proper ending to it as well as revising Hard Times to do the same.

Then I will begin my next project - which may be the continuation of one of those stories from a new perspective.

I checked and Hard Times has more words than "War and Peace" - probably a lot more mention of ass and titty and well.

But here is the new contest:


Send me THREE ideas for a story that you think I can write.

This can be as simple as:

"Go back to chapter 86 in Hard Times and write a story about this (secondary character) where he returns to his trailer and (this happens) and then he (does this).

It can be several paragraphs starting the story for me to finish.

It can be an outline (don't put a conclusion though - let me surprise you).

It can be your theory about what happened to someone after the end of my story sort of like "Hello Internet! From Cow Tits" is just a letter to you from Wendy Taylor.

It must be set in the Family Feud setting though - so it can be different people in Cherry Lawn or Buckman county.

It can be based on some or one of my characters but it can be entirely new ones too. I like to revisit obscure ones and see how they are doing.

It must turn you on in a big way to think about.

That's it - send me three ideas and if I like it - I'll write you a short story about it or who knows, it will be my next big project.*

Big Caveat: You will in no way be compensated or win any prize other than in the introduction i will be happy to share your screen name or bio to let people know it was based on your idea. Once the idea is submitted there is no copyright or ownership implied on your part.

Pinch Week

July 30, 2017
Posted at 3:53 pm

I write stories in part because when I looked for stories online to read there aren't many that appeal to me.

Vulgus, Hooked6, Redleggedtiger write a lot of stuff that I enjoy but there just isn't enough out there to keep me happy - so I put my own contribution out there.

I want to add a new name to that list.


Sadly, the author hasn't found this site yet and I read this on another site (one that doesn't update very often and I don't recommend at all)

He named his story Pinch Week and I am sure with Google you would be able to find it - it is quite promising.

I won't spoil it for you - but I will say this:

He manages to capture the teenager telling the story style of writing perfectly. I rarely gush over the writing style of another author but there were times I got his subtext and inference that I was like "That was really clever how he did that"

As an example and again this is not to spoil it, but to illustrate something:

At one point, the teenager realizes that his parents have a little bit of a BDSM relationship. They keep it low-key around their kids but the dad periodically spanks the mother or pinches her.

He is talking to his father one on one about it and the father says "Oh, you think I spank her when I want too? no, it doesn't work like that"

The dad explains that when his mom feels like she needs a spanking or a pinch, she lets him know.

"Oh, when she calls you Sir in casual conservation sarcastically or starts getting snarky?"

And the Dad nods.

This is super realistic for many couples where the power exchange is a give and take. The woman is actually very outspoken and strong and she realizes sometimes she needs to be taken down a peg.

For this little bit of conversation alone, I would say this story is worth reading but there are so may things about it that I love.

I hope the author finds this site and joins this community and shares their stories here - because I'd love to have more like pinch week.

I will tell you this much as well - it's kind of like the Taylor Swift story in that it is about a cummupance and a bratty teenage girl who finally gets what is coming to her.

The thing is though - the author does what I don't think I've been able to really do. They take it to a whole new level of naughty.

There was no sex, almost no nudity and there was lots of and lots of tension and yet I couldn't stand how fucking hot the story was. I had to stop and start a few times to finish the only chapter.

All I can say other than that is 'well done and thank you!'