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AL-Canadian: Blog

Energists Book 4 Chapters Re-edited & Reposted

February 12, 2018
Posted at 8:24 pm

Hey folks - I spent the past few days going over the nine chapters of Book 4 -> Start of the 11th Grade. I have hopefully caught most of the spelling/grammar errors, and tried to simplify the dialogue a little to make it more realistic.

It really is surprising how many little things you can catch after being away from your writings for a period of time. Doing this also has 'energized' me, and hopefully will spur me into getting Book 6 under way.

Mike (AL-C)

If You Can't Laugh At Yourself???

February 12, 2018
Posted at 2:20 pm

Even though I 'caught' this typo as soon as I read my posted chapter, I couldn't help but laugh at a reader's comment on my amazing funny screw up. Here is the line from Lynette to the guests at the Halloween party:

"as a reminder to help keep both the poo and hot-tub relatively clean ..."

I can SOOOOOO hear Lynette making that faux-pas. Fortunately for her, I've corrected it and a few other typos/grammar mistakes, and have resubmitted that Book5-Chapter9 file.

Remember -> laugh at yourself every now and then!!

Mike (AL-C)

Energists Book 5 - The Halloween Party (Ch.9) is Posted

February 12, 2018
Posted at 11:30 am

Hey folks - I've submitted the 9th chapter, the Halloween Pool Party at Sammy's place. While this chapter is in the NIS themed week, it has NO NIS themed activities.

If you're not interested in the NIS aspects, this chapter may help you catch up with a few things, as well as provide some knowledge for the final, Book 6 in this Energists' series.

Have a great week - Mike

PS - I was looking at the 'story stats' page and saw that my Book 1 has just reached 800 votes and my Book 3 is only 3 votes from having 700 total. I appreciate all who vote and drop me a line regarding my stories.

After the Energists - Reposted Book 3 - up to Ch.42

February 3, 2018
Posted at 7:18 pm

Hey folks - I hopefully have things ironed out on the repeated and/or skipped chapters now in my RE-edited chapters in Book 3: Rebooted Teen Years.

If you see any 'doubled' chapter titles or actual story prose, please let me know. When I 'clicked' through all the chapters earlier today, they all appeared to be correct (Titles and prose).

Have a great weekend and keep voting and comments are always appreciated! Mike (AL-C)

After the Energists - Mike and Tempe's NIS Week Ch Submitted

January 27, 2018
Posted at 4:34 pm

Hey folks - I've got chapter 5 of Mike and Tempe's NIS Week in the cue. Have a great weekend (upcoming week).

Also, I'm working on getting Book 3 resubmitted, so hopefully all the chapters will be in the correct order (also a few additional edits but nothing major).

Mike (AL-Canadian)